I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

This Trailer, which is found on gameinformer's website, features more weird dreams. The difference is they got Shaquille O'Neal in the trailer now. Not as a person, but as a Mii.

It's pretty cool to see Shaq endorsing a game like this. At least I am assuming he is since they used his exact name and likeness. Maybe I should create some celebrity Miis to take on my adventure through what is going to be Tomodachi Life. The sad thing is I don't know many celebrities that I actually like, outside of the gaming world. So I will most likely be creating Sony's Jack Tretton and Nintendo's Reggie, Iwata, and Sakurajima. As well as random anime characters will probably end up being created for use within this game.


I'm still wondering what Nintendo's reasoning behind the creation of this game is, and I am worried about how much content that the game will actually feature. Yet, this game will fill a niche for some 3DS owners that just wanted to see more of their Miis in action.

It is also still a wonder what kind of control you will have over a game like this. Let's assume that the game will play out like a life-sim crossed with random, and occasionally obscure Nintendo humor. That combo can create some interesting moments for sure.

Also, I wonder how they will implement streetpass into this game. It'd be great to have random people's Miis that I streetpass with on my campus have some interactions with the Miis I already have in the game. This would probably make the game more entertaining, and possibly cause people to carry around their 3DSs more than they already do.

Tomodachi Life will be released June 6 this summer for everyone's 3DS. So my question to everyone is, what do you think about the random celebrity endorsement that Nintendo used here? Do you think that you will end up making some kind of Mii that resembles a celebrity or fictional character? If so, who?

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