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Whats up! I thought E3 2017 had a lot to live up to compared to last year. There were a few surprises and it was nice for Nintendo to have a significant presence this year. A three console competition is much better than two and I also happen to love my new Switch. I want to talk about the 5 games I am most excited about that were shown off at E3. I am only going to talk about games that had gameplay available, not announcements, teasers, or press conferences for this article. All of the trailers/demos in this article are awesome, if anything skip my writing and watch the videos! Let’s ride my hype train.

#5 Uncharted The Lost Legacy - Naughty Dog

Uncharted is a series that I can’t get enough of. I love the dynamic of intertwining gameplay and story telling. Naughty Dog has gotten better with each of their releases. I’m also curious to see what a Drake-less Uncharted title will feel like. I’m actually a fan of Chloe as a character and was surprised she didn’t make an appearance in Uncharted 4, now I know why. I know what to expect as far as gameplay goes, this is my comfort food. For those of you that haven’t played any of the Uncharted series I would recommend starting from the first game.


Uncharted 4 was supposed to be the last title in the franchise and before playing through it I was ok with that. A good send off for a beloved franchise, I didn’t doubt that we’d see another title but I didn’t expect it so soon. After Uncharted 4’s fantastic ending I felt reinvigorated with the franchise. Naughty Dog threw something in there that I’m sure no one saw coming or expected. Nathan Drake going to the moon and looking for ancient alien civilizations is something I couldn’t of dreamed up and was upset all we got was a cinematic.

#4 Days Gone - Sony Bend

I’m sure a lot of people are crying more of the same when they see Days Gone which clearly draws inspiration from other big franchises. I’m all about the experience this game can provide. I’m not expecting innovative gameplay or something entirely different from what is out there already. I think this game will be a little more narrative focused with what appears to be a fun sandbox to play around in.

Every time I play a GTA game I almost always try and grab a bike, I love the idea that this game is focused on motorcycles as your main mode of transportation. I’m hoping they take cues from the Mad Max title that came out a couple of years ago as far upgrading your bike. That was a part of the Mad Max game that I enjoyed much more than I thought I would, constantly upgrading your car and turning it into a death machine.

GTA games always tell a good story inside of a sandbox, I’m thinking of Days Gone as a GTA game where they swapped out the pedestrians for zombies freakers. The demo they showed off at E3 manipulating the freakers into attacking some of your other enemies got me a little more excited for the gameplay. The zombie bear was a little overkill but I’m excited the find out more about this game. I am curious why we haven’t gotten a release date or window yet for this title. I’m assuming they’ve been working on this for a while since the last title Sony Bend released was Uncharted Golden Abyss for the Vita.

#3 Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo

I like the shift in direction Nintendo seems to be taking with Mario. At first I thought the hat mechanic seemed silly to me. After realizing that it is taking the place of traditional power ups has me more excited. Seeing Mario throw it and use it to get across a gap at the first gameplay reveal was pretty cool, but now I’m really interested to see where they take this hat mechanic in replacing traditional power ups. The platforming looks to be on par with the series.


The “kingdoms” seem to be varied and non-traditional, which I am ok with. I love seeing a big time developer taking risks with their IP and trying something new. I’m still high on the changes made to the Zelda franchise in Breath of the Wild, I’m morbidly curious to see what they do with their mascot. Honestly if Zelda BOTW had been more of the same I probably wouldn’t be so high on Nintendo or my Switch right now. I am really excited to see whats coming down the line for the Switch, jazzed to get Mario Odyssey, I think I will come to like it more than Zelda BOTW. Also as a side note I’m think I’m more excited for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle than I should be.

#2 God of War - Sony Santa Monica

I’ve never been a huge fan of the God of War series, missed out on the PS2 and PSP titles. I did however play through God of War 3 (PS3). I’ve always felt I should love this series but have never been able to fully embrace it. The more I see God of War the more I want it. I’m loving the similarities the series is now drawing from the Souls games. The art direction, sound, and look of God of War is a good diversion/reboot from the original series.


God of War is another title that seems to have built an exciting world to explore to with phenomenal gameplay taking you along for ride. The story seems to be whatever and that is fine with me, if I want story then I’m happy to load up a game like Persona 5. The combat system looks fast, fluid, and challenging which all points to an enjoyable experience. I was happy to find out that the game is not open world. Open world games have seem to become that standard for many of the new adventure titles coming out. I’m happy to enjoy a more linear experience if all the gameplay elements are fleshed out and working to make the game fun rather than just giving me the most game for my money.

#1 Anthem - Bioware

People are already hating on this game and thats fine because its cool to hate on games like Call of Duty, Destiny, and now Anthem. Heaven forbid that a publisher would try to make something new that would appeal to casual one game a year gamers as much as hardcore gamers. Pretty soon so many people will hate on games like Anthem that it will be cool to start liking them again. Despite what everyone is saying this game looks amazing. Nothing gets me more excited than a new IP from a well established studio. The large shared open world has me really excited for Anthem. Destiny really needs some competition and I think that Anthem might be first title to give Bungie a kick in the ass, especially if Bioware can pull off an exciting narrative like they did in the original Mass Effect trilogy.


Jetpacking through the air, water, and land looked pristine in the demo they showed. I’ve always wanted to play a game where you could travel like super man, I just hope they deliver on the controls showcased in their demo. I’m a huge fan of co-op multiplayer games, I understand that this is probably a turn off for most gamers but sharing an incredible gaming experience with a good friend or even random stranger is something everyone should try.

Ruins, dense jungle, deep underwater caverns, and giant thunderstorms make up the world of Anthem that is just begging to be explored. It also appears that Anthem is sporting a similar loot/gear system to Destiny. Some of their guns have names, instead of classes you have personalized exo-suites or “Javelins” that you can wear and outfit with different types of hardware, and yes there was a ground pound in the demo. It seems as if there will be a fairly deep customization system for the “Javelins” that your avatar will be able to hop into which could go a long way in helping separate itself from Destiny.


My biggest worry with Anthem is that the gunplay seems like it could be a little boring. My biggest gripe with The Division was at higher levels the game simply wasn’t as fun because each enemy was a giant bullet sponge. I also don’t want a game that is too simple where enemies die immediately like they were in the Anthem demo when they were ripping off rockets in every direction. I understand this is probably very difficult to balance but for Anthem this will make or break it for me. We probably won’t see this game for a while but I was stunned throughout the whole gameplay demo reveal.

Whats your top 5 games from E3 2017?

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