I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Ah yes, the song that launched a thousand memes. Unlike many other sources of viral content, though, it is a legitimately great tune.

It is as ostentatious as Guile’s hair; over-the-top, ridiculous, but at the same time bold and strong. It starts of with blaring trumpets, announcing the arrival of a powerful force. The song soldiers on after its boastful beginning, easing into a jazzy groove. It conjures the idea of the underdog at this point by using this low-key progression that eventually crescendos into a triumphant return of the horns.


It is a simple song, really only lasting around a minute and then it loops infinitely until the match is over, but it communicates so much in that small window of time. A romanticized story of America is told, starting with a cautionary reminder that the nation is a force to be reckoned with that gives way to a recitation its humbler origins. The song reflects how the United States worked from being in the backwaters to being the most powerful country in the modern era. In this song of American exceptionalism, all of the great sticking points of the nation are brought out. The focus is so American that the song is designed in one of the most uniquely American music styles: jazz.

It is brash and humble, it builds its strength over and over as it loops, and it just sounds heroic. There is a reason it has been meme’d so hard over the years: it brings out the best of a character, puts it on a pedestal, and showers them in praise. If I had to choose entrance music right before any kind of match, I would choose Guile’s Theme, no questions asked.

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