Hey TAY, long time no see!

Well actually you haven’t seen me... I’ve been around, lurking in the shadows, reading what gets posted whenever I have the chance. It’s been a long time because 1) I have been in the throes of a depressive period that rises and ebbs with the tidal forces of a Jupiter moon and 2) I just completed (sort of) the process of moving from one Washington to the other. I’m now in Washington DC! And with this long adventure has come a lot of freshness to my life! After I get settled in to my new place and new job I’m sure I’ll be around a little more often (or at least as often as I was). And with a big new city to explore I’ll have a lot of new things to relay, some of which I’ll say right now!

First: Guess who has a 100% complete amiibo collection! Don’t ask how much I spent on completing it. Needless to say that it was more than I should have and don’t try shaming me. With the (so far) completion of said collection, I also have completed a dashing display for them along with a few other nerdy little decorative projects. I even have a special Mario one for the Metal/8-Bit series Mario amiibo! Pictures will follow here:

Fig. 1: The Works in Progress


Fig. 2 & 3: Original Twelve Display, Detail and In-Entirety


Fig. 4: Revolving Amiibo Display

Fig. 5: Custom Mario Display


Fig. 6: Laser Engraved Windwaker Map

DC has provided me with a few great things I didn’t really have before, including the possibility of a group of Gaymer friends (which I wasn’t afforded in a smaller city like Spokane). While the sexual orientation isn’t so important that I’d avoid people because of it, it means something when a friend you are playing with can communicate or relate to life experiences that might be particular to a certain group. Tangentically related, I’ve tried to do LGBT related posts for pride month but missed this past as I was far too busy to put something meaningful together. I do it because it’s important that I put a lot of me into my posts on TAY and I’m trying to make sure TAY has a nice broad perspective on issues in and around the things we love.

Lastly, another opportunity that just came up is the addition of DC to the schedule of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess. I snapped up a pair of tickets for myself and a friend immediately. So in September I’ll be giving everyone here the rundown of that magical night (I’ll keep it PG. Whatever happens after is between me and the alcohol, or me, the “friend”, and the alcohol). I’ll be sure to wear a cute vintage Zelda lapel pin and get photos for everyone.


So that’s just a quick update. I’ve got a Stretchmo review (better late than never amiright?) ready for release. I’ll be back on the review rounds as well as some fun editorial things I’ve knocking about. Also of note: My birthday was last Friday.

As always comment below, start a conversation, I’m around and reachable if you want through Skype and Twitter: JpSr388 on both if you need to contact me directly. If any of you guys are in the DMV/Metro area give me a shout! I’m always down for a Capital TAY meetup!