I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Special Birthday episode today. Continuing the theme of celebrities, what would you do if I told you we had an episode with Martin Sheen....'s brother Joe Estevez? It can't get any better, eh?

Yep, star of Eagleheart's last season Joe Estevez is a Soultaker, and so is Robert Z'dar, or Maniac Cop to you and me. You might recognize him once you see him, you know the guy with the giant chin.


This is really one of the greats of the series. Lots of great gags, very much a strong Mike episode. "Does anything really star Joe Estevez?"

Anyhow, it's an amazing episode, not just because it has celebrities but because it's...well...I don't know if I should spoil it. Let's just say the old gang from before Mike shows up. OK, that obviously spoiled it. Joel and Frank show up. So you have a bit with each side of the show sort of looking at how things have changed, each with a few winks to the misties.

(Reading)"Story by...so there will be a story?"

And in closing happy birthday everyone.

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