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The science fiction film to end all science fiction films. That's what the trailer states. "Genuine 10 foot monster." (really?)

Anyways, doing this one off-schedule since I didn't feel like doing it last week. Seriously though, this film deserves mention as just one of the cheesiest and dumbest films ever. Budding screenwriters often have to learn why you don't put narration in scripts, I mean if you want them to be any good, but I think this film explains pretty well why it doesn't work.


Also, the monster: 10-foot-tall mutant Abe Lincoln.

"What? You say that Abe Lincoln is the scariest president? Hall of presidents freaked you out? I think we just figured out what our new monster is going to be."

But back to my "anyways," why even do this episode? Well, in my estimation the movie really, really sucks. And, I thought it might be a sort of counterpoint to my choice tomorrow. As the show has a huge amount of the humor in the films they choose. And, in my estimation, the choices for films are the best way to understand the different eras of the show. One thing you don't see often in Mike's run is crappy 50s films. At the same time Joel is missing more recent b-movie sci-fi flicks.

The invention exchange starts with an action figures vs. action figures contest. Seriously, the Mads action figure design reminds me too much of how stuff is sold to kids now. You can't just buy the game, you need to buy the component figures... Or hell, just look at how games are sold with dlc already made now, often having to wait months for decent dlc to come out. But if you like the game you'll pick up all of it.


Seriously though, Joel's team loses and we get to enjoy Monster-a-go-go. Apparently the "non-violent" action figures won't appeal to kids.

Monster-a-Go-Go is from the cold war sci-fi boom. While lots of these films were just connecting to the fear and dread modern people felt in a world more connected and yet more diverse than before, more technological and medical advances yet that atom-cloud looming overhead. Something you notice from this time is that lots of films get into the idea of "the other" and monsters often represent ourselves or this "other." With many films made that in some way critiqued the cold war build up or the automatic distrust for anything outside the norm.


Monster-a-Go-Go is not that sort of film. It's weird, poorly shot at times, has a terrible audio track, and I bet it even smells funny. Seriously, at some points the crew have to make jokes about not being able to understand the words people are saying because you can't understand the words people are saying. "Science fiction film to end all science fiction films" my ass. Unless they meant this one stinker would destroy the struggling genre.

Well, this stuff kind of did. Really it wasn't until The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling and a few other people got involved making films that we started to see better films, though obviously along the way we had some greats like Forbidden Planet. Then Star Wars came out and SF films sort of went back a step with all the movies trying to copy that. Enough movie trivia I give you the film. And next time my fave, I like it very much.

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