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MSTay3K: Big McLarge Huge

In space nobody can hear you "move move move move." I think it's time for a Space Mutiny, which is a title that clearly brings to mind the idea of a future where Santa is the captain of a space ship and women wear the most ridiculous clothes possible.


The film was a Reb Brown movie, he's kind of like a 1980s Lorenzo Lamas, or a low-cost action movie star. Figuring prominently in films about Vietnam, cage fighting, and apparently now as a space hero. Seriously, this guy as going down in the annals of film history as one of the people who played Captain America.

Though his Cap spends most of the film driving his van around the country. What, you don't remember the story where Cap hangs out with his friends drinking some brews then spends more time in his van? Apparently you are not a golfer. Anyhow If you want to know more watch the Spoony Experiments Rebruary stuff. Like Cage or Captain America, or even Uncommon Valor. I suggest the first two though.

But Space Mutiny, where to begin? There was a day and age when those of us who liked SciFi didn't have great amounts of choices as far as what we could do. You might get a miniseries like V, or a Star Trek flick, but mostly people seemed to not have as big a voice. People spent a lot of time hunting down videos trying to watch old episodes of canceled SF television shows.


Now we actually get some decent shows on TV, which still apparently get cancelled. So we end up hunting down videos on Amazon or Netflix of canceled SF shows. My, how the world has changed. But back in the day, in b-movie tradition there were lots of movies that, while not good generally, at least could scratch the itch. And sometimes, when it couldn't really scratch the itch they put women in skimpy outfits and hired Reb Brown to be the male lead.

One interesting character in the film is John Philip Law, who was in the film Skidoo. Skidoo is such an oddity of a film, it comes to us by way of LSD, so you know it's interesting. Hollywood comedians from the 40s tripping. Really worth a look at some point if you like films where Groucho Marx plays God.


But Back to the show, it's from season 8. There's a story that is going on, but I have no idea what's really happening. To me if this era didn't have such good choices of films there wouldn't be much to an episode. Pearl and the Mads are stuck in a Roman dungeon, or something. No idea how she's communicating with the bots, but I guess I should really just relax. I'm sure there are people who think the sketches from this era are hysterical, and some are, just God I wish they'd just do an invention exchange every so often if they can't get the opening skit to come off.

Space Mutiny is just a weird little movie, I hope everyone enjoys this its a classic episode. Next time, on Tuesday, we're going to be looking at an episode LoserMLW chose. Anyways, next time: MSTay3K: Steve Reeves Unchained!

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