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MSTay3K: He Tried to Kill Ke With his Turtleness

So we finally come to it, a battle we were headed for all along. Fate, destiny, space turtles...

Eventually all the MST3K refs sort of become super dense like star material and fall in on themselves, creating what we know as "call backs". Before we get to this a priori weirdness imagine, in a world, there's a man, named Sandy Frank. Sure movies are fun to make, but they're costly and dubbing Japanese pictures are a good investment. Even better since most Americans of the time wouldn't gee great Japanese films outside of an art house cinema or possibly much later getting tapes.


Until then there were a few kids cartoons, like Astro Boy, with many unaware this stuff was actually a foreign product. But live action films were different, whereas dubs aren't terrible on animation movies are an entirely different matter.

Maybe it was that flying saucer, I heard about, on the news. If you're paying attention, that's not a flying saucer, it's a flying turtle who might appear saucer shaped. But trust me, if you've seen the film you know Gamera is all turtle, and a friend to all children.

Later in the episode Gamera shows up, played by Mike, "I can take out thousands of people...with Kenny by my side, I look like Mr. Smith goes to Washington, you know?"

But the Gamera films really are part of the deep lore of MST3K, the KTMA video library's Sandy Frank material, but also they hit on something very 90s, the growing knowledge and fascination with Japanese culture.


One of the best lines, in a sort of 90s guy voice: "hello, UN, this is Joe down at the base can we use your missiles? Not...ha haha"

Seriously though, Gamera's destroying a city and Kenny is all "Gamera saved my life once, he's really a good turtle, right?" Literally the next scene they're talking about the destruction he's caused, destroying plants.


I do think it's an interesting movie, any of these films where the audience kind of knows what's happening, like a giant monster movie is going to have giant monster destruction. So there has to be something going on to warrant the time of the film since blowing everything up is kind of expensive stuff.

And when the crew decide to start chanting to bring Kenny into their heart I just fall apart every time.

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