I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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MSTay3K: He Tried to Kill me with a Forklift

Sandy Frank, Sandy Frank. He made a bunch of TV shows, but he also got his start bringing Japanese films to the states. Time of the Apes, which almost got this spot, Gamera, and all the other Gamera films.

Gamera, well, those films kind of deserve their own series, but I digress. Fugitive Alien was first on MST3K in the first season at KTMA. I almost wanted to use that version, but I think the later version would work better. However, if you watch this and decide you want to actually see more the original riffing has more of the film.


By film of course I mean edited together episodes of a Japanese space show. The Wolf Raiders are kind of the bad guys, Ken decides to leave because he's asked to kill a kid, also named Ken. The Wolf Raiders all wear long red wigs under their helmets. I have no idea why. Their evil leader seems to be wearing some sort of cleaning sock on his face with eyeholes cut out. Lord Vader he is not.

After this there is a sequel the crew riffed, Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2. In case you wondered what happens to Rocky and Ken.


Best line: Joel as Ken "What are you high? I have the strength of 20 men." Seriously, the forklift fight is epic. "This is the song of the train chase." And a reference to the classic "this must be....one of those..flying saucers I've been hearing about." Another Sandy Frank reference.

Pleased to enjoy: Fugitive Alien. Next time, monster films...a go go...?? And next Tuesday this whole thing comes to a head. It's been fun.

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