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MSTay3K: I LIke It Very Much

So ​if yesterday's add did nothing it at least showed you what a bad movie looks like. Today, I want to post what I think of as a good bad movie.

So I kind of dig bad movies. I mean if you can accept that you're movie isn't going to change the world from the get go you have a lot of latitude to have some fun. I mean horror films can focus on the scares, spy movies on spy gadgets, and monster movies on either rubber suits or model towns with lizards walking around. These movies make me very happy, they're just goofing around in the larger world of cinema. Not trying to be important, not trying to get a point across, just trying to actually make a film.


Prince of Space is very different than some of the stuff you see on MST3K. It just gets me excited every time I watch it, decent shot composition as well as some great zooms at times. A mix of iconic and bad costuming, serviceable models and set design. But at some point it gets to be less good. And I love it.

So we have the sci-fi boom of the 50s, and Japan was a part of that as well. Now there are people that sort of idolize Japanese TV, whether sentai or anime. It's still this work that in some way gulfs this cultural divide. But before we get to the interesting stuff there were films like Prince of Space. While very much part of an international film boom in sci-fi it in some ways has these very unique Japanese elements along the way that sort of suggest more about where the fantasy of Japan is headed. And for that alone it's great.

But Mike and the bots are watching the dub, if you will. A dub from a long time ago. The kids are my favorites, they're just insane, but some of the humor I think is lost in this dub. And there are shots that are clearly composed to show how funny something is but the voice over actors don't quite nail how comical this stuff is. And then there's the boot blacking. What? You didn't know about boot blacking? I like it very much.


The set up for the episode is that there's some sort of dimensional tear the crew is stuck in, we actually get a segment with Mike as a robot puppet. So this is the end, as I said at the beginning of my run on this idea was that by looking at a few of these episodes we could better understand this whole series. And maybe, along the way we can appreciate film a bit more. It's one thing to make a bad movie, it's another entirely to enjoy it and make a good bad movie.

So for the last of these here's MST3K: 816 Prince of Space.

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