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First in an hopefully ongoing series of MST3K episodes curated by yours truly.

I can't quite say how much I love MST3K, anyways, I want to put my favorites up for others to see. I figure it sort of fits the humor of people who might read these sites. Anyhow, I'm trying to go in order and I think this is as far back as I can go: episode 2 of season 2. TVs Frank is on the show now, and the voices for the bots are set for how they will be for years.

As I went back over old episodes trying to find what I thought were my favorites I found I didn't really have as many absolute favorites from the Joel years as I thought I would. Joel definitely has the best shorts, the bulk of the episodes for the series that contained shorts were from his years. But while Mike will eventually get his due Joel is the subject of this post.


A comedian and writer who sort of left the business for a bit to try and see what he could do if he left the entertainment capital of the world he came up with something so unique and innovative we remember it now 25 years later.

Episode 2 of season 2, Sidehackers:

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