I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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MSTay3K: Introducing David Warner...and David Warner?

Celebrity, what makes a person famous? What does notoriety really bring a person? If you're an actor it just means that when you do bad films people will say you're going down hill, or the earlier films from before you had any sort of name are kind of a joke.

But our culture is made up of important people, people who make a mark, and their legacy gives us a chance to examine how this whole thing works. A person doesn't just become a great actor, and they don't just do great movies, and that's just how life is. You can't really tell some times whether you're in a hill or a valley. Recognizing these famous actors in schlocky films really isn't about denigrating their work, but more about recognizing the schlocky films of life that we get into at times. Man....

Let's just say this is one of those episodes that's hard to really say what my favorite line is. The movie is just kind of ridiculous all the way through and the guys merely have to mention it to get a laugh.


But "put on fruity half-masks and be welcome" does kind of shine.

I said in one of the recent MSTay3Ks that there was more of a sense that they wanted to get as many jokes in as possible during the Mike era, with Joel's crew sort of getting more into just the extent of riffing. They would sometimes just sort of support the movie.


With this episode Mike's crew gets more into that other format, it's still very tight but there's sort of this great weirdness to everything. "Midgets get everything..."

Next time: more monsters I think...wait have I done a monster one yet? Anyways, kind of bored of celebrities. Hmmmmm..... What to choose? Bees I think....

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