I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

MSTay3K: It Stinks!

In a not too distant future...Pod People. It's not about pods. It's not about people. Deep hurting indeed.

So if anything this episode is a good gauge for how the show was changing. I feel like by now they had fully accepted that every joke lands-just not with every viewer. And that's OK. The non-sequitor intro of Crow's "one robot show" and Frank's karaoke bit(god his face for a second just morphs out of control). Things are very random, the movie is terrible(but not too bad) and the host segments are excellent. What I'm saying is that the show is now what we recognize as MST3K.


At least it's classic Joel. The music is honestly my favorite part. It stinks. But it's a great gag. The host segments sometimes fall flat, sometimes you don't appreciate them your first watch. Pod People has host segments you love from the start.

And it all comes from the bizarre choices the movie makes. I don't know why the campers had to be part of a pop act. I don't know why the kid calls his "pet" Trumpy. I don't get the poachers role, really. This movie has a lot of explaining to do. So often we have these movies, like say The Avengers, that after watching them we look back and say some parts didn't make sense. We have this post-viewing experience of losing that belief a good film has to instill that the movie makes sense. We accept that the Hulk and Captain America are hanging out not because they need a scene but because they need a job done.


In Pod People you never get that sense of disbelief because you realize as it's happening it doesn't make sense. But, the choices the movie makes about who does what, and why is just too silly. It's a movie too dumb to be good and too interesting to be truly boring or bad. It's perfect for riffing. When we get to Mike's run there were restrictions on what types of movies could be riffed. Really there were lots of restrictions on them at that point. But what maters is that Joel's run is set apart by being able to riff any movie they see fit.

So I hope this intro isn't too long. The film should be available on Netflix, I suggest just buying every episode you can on DVD, but until then there's youtube. As for plans for the series, these articles will be short, likely running until Thanksgiving(the MST3K holy day). I want the episodes to be unexpected, but if you have a favorite make sure to post the name in the comments, that way if someone's new to the series they'll have a good recommendation besides what I'm posting.

Next time: My Diner with Mitchell.

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