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MSTay3K: Rage Quit

We interrupt this regular episode of MST3K to bring you a super-special episode of MST3K. Yes, it's almost time to give up this mad dream. But we'll always have Dino de Laurentis, Sandy Frank, and Ed Wood.

As this is my list of favorite episodes, at its heart, this episode will be close to everyone's heart-the final MST3K episode. Ever. So you remember a while back we had that episode about the spandex sprawled super crew dealing with a space mutiny? Seriously? It was called Space Mutiny?

Anyways, this weeks film stars the bad guy from that movie as a worlds super-villain, or at least b-team villain. Diabolik, with the French sounding pronunciation, is a super-thief taking whatever he wants, doing whatever he wants, all the while involving his girlfriend who, well, she's "out of sight" as the grooviest of groovies might remark. Yes, a gadgerific spy movie from Italian cinema (think spaghetti western or Fellini, you know lips moving but the words don't sync up?).


The movie is kind of like an episode of the Adam West Batman, lots of gadgets, drugs with easy anti-drug capsules, and Diabolik at the center of it all. The thing is, while he's obviously our protagonist, the more you think about it he's obviously a villain. While he is doing these daring robberies he is, at the same time, obviously getting people killed, becoming an international nuisance, and even giving the actual narcotic kingpins a way to leverage catching him to get out of the authorities radar. Hell, at one point they even state people no longer pay taxes and whatever country he is claiming residence with is going broke. He's literally ruining this nations financial standing.

If anything this movie makes me wonder about super villain private lives. If you take Diabolik's work it's pretty much copulation on conspicuous quantities of cold hard cash between the drugs and mayhem. Seriously, I know a few comics have tried to look at villains in a different light than normal, but Diabolik shows us that no comic can quite express how weird these people's lives must be.

Though I would be remiss without talking about this episode being the end, the big finale, a real finale. While the end, or what the thought was the end, at one point had them all becoming beings of light the next season when picked up they had apparently decided being held captive was more fun than supraspiritual enlightenment and cosmic oneness.

This time we get a breakdown of everything, I won't spoil it but in some ways the narrative aspects of the previous seasons are all paid off as the Mads generally go from bad to worse without their pets and Mike and the bots plan for life past the Satellite of Love. Next Tuesday, since there won't be anyone actually on TAY during Thanksgiving(when I originally planned on finishing my list) will be my own personal finale. My favorite episode, the one that really gets me in a good mood no matter what is happening in my life. Though Diabolik's Ennio Morricone soundtrack is more fun.


That's not to say I don't like Diabolik, I actually think it's a pretty neat flick. I like the spy stuff, the naive gadgets, only there is a bit too much sixties fu for my taste. Spinning things, weird lights. They definitely made a smart decision with this episode being their last, it's fun, and not boring, just a little too campy and obviously not a mainstream flick in the least. Just an excellent bad movie that reminds us all why we started watching these films in the first place.

Next week, my favorite episode and possibly my favorite short, if I'm feeling generous. Then we might get some LoserMLW pics and write ups until I feel like I have some episodes I want to share. Januaryish. Au revoir.

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