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MSTay3K: Rowsdower!!!

Okay, this is probably going to get completely lost amongst everything people are doing for Halloween, but a Spacegar must go on. This is serious business, as I need to write up one of my very favorite episodes of all of MST3K. Seriously, and let's get serious here TAYers, this is without a doubt one of the greatest pieces of entertainment ever conceived. MST3K episode 910: The Final Sacrifice. Larry Csonka save us all.


Canada. The great white north. Second most important trading partner with the US. But there's a dark side to this cold region of the continent, cults! Yes, it sounds dubious to me as well, but as we'll see in "The Final Sacrifice" cults are a major problem, second only to hockey hair.

But first I need to talk about Mikey.

Mikey from Teenage Strangler reminds me of the protagonist from Final Sacrifice. If in any small way this video I provide makes you feel the same then I've done my job. What I'm saying is the protagonist, a weird and homely teenage boy is a total twerp. Yes, he's a twerp followed by masked cultists, but he's still bookish beyond all belief.

And what can you say about Zap Rowsdower? The ultimate Canadian hero, or anti-hero. Rowsdower is a man who gives no shits what soever. A man's man, his sensitive side disappeared the day he had to kill his father for dominance of the tribe. Well, maybe that's more Rowsdower fan-fiction than anything else. Or maybe he's a drifter, solving people's problems across Alberta and filling in as right wing on local hockey clubs.

But what about the state of the show at this time? Instead of Dr. F & TV's Frank we have Pearl, Brain Guy, and Bo Bo(sp?). Pearl and the Satellite of Love crew have a slightly different relationship than the previous mads. Somewhat less overtly combative with the crew, they would sometimes help each other out of problems. The series was asked, by Sci Fi, to have a sort of story going on. Then the Sci Fi Chanel wouldn't play the episodes in order.


The show is obviously much different from early episodes, opening segments often give a setting for Pearl's group-generally somewhere fantastic like ancient Rome or an alien world. The show is definitely different from Joel's era. Some people like the later set up more than others but I'm generally quite cool on the whole operation. But that's not to say that they didn't have some excellent skits, and that some episodes are standout. However, the real meat of Mike's shows was the great movies they riffed.

The Final Sacrifice just begs to be torn apart. It is just so ridiculous. Damon Lindelof said something to the extent that once people pay more than $100 million to make a movie any plot less than "to save the world" just won't cut it. For me I always think it's bizarre when a movie can barely pay to have 4 main characters and yet thinks they can get away with these sort of stakes. God, though, The Final Sacrifice really goes for it. Without the budge or acting talent, or generally decent scripting, they just go for it.


And the guy they meet in the cabin towards the end always makes me think of a muppet voice, like Dr. Teeth. Seriously, go to Amazon or your local store and pick up a copy of this movie. You need something to bring with you to show others, like I said it's possibly one of the greatest MST3K episodes ever.

So, next time I think I might not do a Sunday post but a Monday one. Any thoughts?


Anyhow, next time MSTay3K: Leave the Bronx.

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