I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

The Carter years were covered in a malaise personified by the "Donny and Marie" television program, as well Zbigniew Brzezinski was letting farts slip in the Oval Office with impunity, and Nixonburger was thriving based on cultural senses of both irony and kitsch. Oh, yeah, and there were secret summer camps where rich people kept clones of themselves for organ harvesting. I know, right? Classic.

Parts: The Clonus Horror is one of those films that is at once supremely stupid, and at the same time stolen outright by Michael Bay for one of his films. It's actually a perfect fit for Bay, the film runs at it's ludicrous premise like a dog chasing after it's former owners as they race away from the woods in their truck.

There's this type of science fiction film, a bit speculative but having to be super serious about everything. This can work really well, but sometimes the concept requires just one or two more ideas than a production can carry out. Like, maybe it requires a camp full of adults to act with the intelligence of 6 year olds. Or maybe you have Darrin Stephens as a super scientist. Or Peter Graves doing, well, whatever.


What I'm saying is Clonus went one step too far a long time ago and we reap the benefits of the weird, weird decisions. I think it was some sort of TV movie, but I might be wrong, but it definitely has a feeling of "special guest star" going on with its few named talents. Graves seems to just brush into the film for a bit at the end.

As a riffing it's really strong, like many of these Mike episodes we've looked at. After the film sets up the premise we get several parts of a burgeoning love story between two of the clones. Some time later we get to the most amazing scenes ever filmed when a clone is able to escape into the real world.

The acting is amazing. Like the director was off screen trying not to laugh while saying "could you really try to emote that you don't get stuff, dude?" The whole thing makes the "seriously serious" Graves scenes all the more laughable. But we don't have to worry too much about laughs, this is just a really strong riffing. "Alright, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna start a band named Air Supply." Such surly clones.


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