I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey guys I was listening to this old gold while working some support tickets. For those of you not familiar with AFX, Aphex Twin or Richard David James. He is this cool Irish Dude who has been putting out tracks like the above since before I was born. I was reminded of him when i looked at my old iPod classics album list a ton of his ambient mixes, and other oddly names albums all marked with one of his many aliases are taking up at least a 13th of my 160gb Ipod’s memory.


I remember one of the first tracks i really heard from them was Come to Daddy and Window Licker and let me assure you they are a far departure from what I linked above. While Window Licker just sounds like a weird chorus came together to make the song.. Come To Daddy has a very deranged feel to it. However there is an entire EP for Come To Daddy that includes two mixes of it that sound like completely different songs. However the other songs are great to if not weird and eerie depending on how I feel when i listen to them.

I just thought I would bring up this artist ask if any others had heard of him or were familiar. Do you all have any favorite tracks from him. I myself amd very partial to Girl/Boy

This guy has so much range it’s nuts. Well I hope you all enjoy discovering or rediscovering his works. Novibear out!

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