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Getting tired of my one article a day thing yet? No? Ok, so today I want to talk about books and TV and specifically two adaptations that get a bad rap, and why I think they should get another shot on the silver screen.

There are two types of fiction that I enjoy whole-heartedly Science Fiction/Fantasy and Mystery. I love everything about the two genres, from the romantic trappings and shady alleyways of the detective novel, to the far flung reaches of space and the magic slinging realms of Science Fiction. So when something deftly combines the two it fills me with something fabulous, pure unadulterated joy. The Dresden Files has long been my chicken soup for the soul book series, a light hearted romp through two of the genres that I love so dearly. It's no pulitzer material, but it doesn't need to be. Jim Butcher knows what he's writing and he has fun with it. This wry sense of fun is why I keep coming back to this series time after time. It's also why I thought the TV show was interesting for the most part. Sure, it had some major differences from the books, but hey I'm never one to shy from a different adaptation of a work. The problem was, that the show tried to be more of a procedural cop show than one about a detective. It didn't dive into that noir-ish world that the book handled so deftly. Some of the characters were different and the staff became a hockey stick, but if one thing remained the same it was Harry. Paul Blackthorne did a wonderful job and played the character almost exactly as I always imagined him. Even if he was a little less physically imposing than I had thought he should be, he was emotionally spot on. I still think TV should revisit The Dresden Files, maybe in a format closer to the BBC Sherlock shows where each episode is an hour and more time can be devoted to a mystery.


I'm also a sucker for the Sandman Slim novels and a few other good reads along the same lines, though my favorite book of all time is still and probably always will be DUNE by Frank Herbert. It's pure Sci-Fi goodness all the way. It probably deserves an adaptation in film better than the ones it's gotten, but the Sci-fi channel miniseries, did a pretty damn good job. In my eyes at least. It's kind of hard to adapt a book like that into something that spans less than 12 hours, it's all sorts of dense. I see it being an HBO series akin to Game of Thrones (Gosh would that be cool, seriously HBO are you listening/reading this right now? go. go do this. now.) Now I've got myself all worked up. Which do I re-read now Dune or Dresden Files? (Not a serious question, I've read both more times than I can count) :P

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