I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Twice a year, I look back over the games I’ve played and I select the top 5 games that are worth a couple of bucks. If you’ve got some spare cash and need a new game, give this list a look!

I always suggest people read my tips and tricks for Steam sales article. It doesn’t take long, and if you’re new to the sale or have forgotten the best way to buy, it’s worth it.


The rules for my roundup lists are pretty straightforward:

  • I have to have played & reviewed the game since the last Steam sale (ie, Winter 2014 at this point)
  • Generally I try to pick games you might not have heard of or might be on the fence about, and I generally pick indies.
  • It’s got to be pretty inexpensive, I generally draw the line at $10 or so, with $5 being ideal.

Basically, it’s the sort of game that’s worth taking a risk on, even if you’re not particularly familiar with it.

Illustration for article titled My 5 Game Picks for $5: Summer 2015 Edition

Without further ado, my 5 picks are:

  • The Weaponographist
  • Vertical Drop Heroes HD
  • Ironcast
  • The Stanley Parable
  • Transistor

The Stanley Parable and Transistor are both games you’ve likely heard of and maybe played, but both are so freakin’ awesome that I feel like they belong on the list anyhow. Transistor just went on the daily deal for $5, so buy buy buy!


The other three are probably games that have flown under your radar, and all three are solid picks. If you’d like to read more, get links, etc, here’s my full article.

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