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Got $5 burning a hole in your pocket? Need a few game suggestions? I've got just the thing!

First off, if you don't know the tricks to the Steam sales, go right now and read my tips and tricks for Steam sales article.You will invest 10 minutes, and you will save money, guaranteed.


Now, on to the subject at hand. As you may (or may not) already be aware, I buy and review a lot of inexpensive games, most of which are indie titles. I call my blog series on this topic Cult of the Fiver.

Prior to the two major Steam sales (Summer and Winter), I round up the past 6 months' worth of reviews and try to do a "tl;dr" version of my already "tl;dr" reviews. I call this Best of the Fiver.

My criteria for picking games to feature isn't obvious, so I'll explain real quick. First, I generally look for games that are unique and provide a lot of value. I also try to seek out games you might pass on or might fly under your radar. Finally, I have to have played and reviewed the game during the previous 6 month period.


tl;dr: You might browse my Cot5 archives and see some really good games in there that didn't make the cut - and that's probably because I figure everyone knows about them already, they're still too expensive, or I covered them in a previous "season."

That out of the way, I'll count down my top 5 for the latter half of 2014:

  • #5: Goat Simulator - for its weird and wacky gameplay, and high level of support post-launch
  • #4: Lego Marvel Superheroes - for being the best Marvel tie-in video game title in years, despite its "kiddie" veneer
  • #3: Papers, Please - for unique gameplay and an important social message delivered simultaneously in some sort of OCD explosion in your brain cells
  • #2: The Wolf Among Us - for elevating the story-driven adventure game genre to new heights, and for Bigby Wolf, my favorite protagonist of the year
  • #1: One Way Heroics - for being an above-and-beyond awesome roguelike in a bitesize package

If you'd like to read the full article, here you go!


I'm going to throw down an extra special shout-out to One Way Heroics - this game is currently less than one dollar. If you don't own it, drop that dollar like it's hot!

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