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My Dog Stole My Wallet, So I Had To Get A New One

Look at the little devil.

I look after him. I feed him. I go on walks with him. I cuddle with him. But apparently, that wasn’t enough. He had to go and steal my wallet, and now he’s got it within his own greedy little paws. What’s he gonna buy, huh? Treats? Toys? ‘Cause that’s all he ever seems to want, other than our love and affection, of course.


And look, I know I could grab it back from him. He’s not terribly strong. But he’s just so darn cute. And, I guess, if he wants his wallet, he can have it. I just extracted the money and cards. I don’t think he’d know how to use them anyway.

But then I was without a wallet, so I had to use some of that money to get a new one. I guess the little guy did steal some of my cash indirectly.

But anyway, this new case is way better than my old one, so I’m happy. It’s got Breath of the Wild art on it, and its gorgeous! It also holds my phone, so they’re together all the time now! I guess my doggo stealing my wallet was a blessing in disguise all along.


Okay, my dog didn’t actually steal my wallet. I decided to get one a long time ago and it finally came in the mail, so I wanted to show it and my cute dog off. I know, fake news. Sue me.


P.S. FOUR. HUNDRED. ARTICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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