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My Ex-Boyfriend: The Space Tyrant! Gayme Time!

Hi-zies! Yeah, yeah, I know this title isn't exactly new, but I had to give it a shot. I have an affinity for the classic Sierra point-and-click adventure titles. When I saw My Ex-Boyfriend: The Space Tyrant!, I was instantly reminded of those games. It looked like Space Quest meets Leisure Suit Larry and a Pride parade and within 5 minutes of playing the game, I could tell I was in store for an innuendo laden experience. Like many adventure games before it, My Ex-Boyfriend: The Space Tyrant! is a comedic, puzzle-centric, sci-fi trip; where you find yourself attempting to stop the evil plans of your former flame (pun intended). SPOILER ALERT! There are some spoilers in the rest of this article, this is my obligatory mention of that! You can watch me play through a bit of the game here!

My Ex-Boyfriend: The Space Tyrant! puts you in the story as a form Space Navy captain, Tycho Minogue. Right out of the box, this game is dripping with homo-eroticism and references to lots of other sci-fi stories. You appear on a space ship named "The Pleasuretron" wearing nothing but your tighty-whiteys but soon enough don a space captain uniform. Somehow your uniform actually seems to show off more skin than just the underwear, at least in the gluteus region. As your adventure takes you through the space ship, you take a ride on the dirty talking HAL-9000 lift, where you meet other scantily clad boys on the bridge. Doug, a Lion-O like petty officers on the bridge, gives you instructions on your next mission. The mission to stop an evil plot being perpetrated by your ex, Andy. In your boudoir you find a hologram of Andy, who is a boyishly cute version of Hell-Boy.


After checking out your quarters and noticing that you left behind somethings, including porn you were tired of. Tycho needs to take a nap and of course he strips down to nothing but his undies again before getting into the bed. After waking up, Tycho is called to the Bridge again, where he is told that they have arrived at New Camelot. However the invasion force they were expecting is nowhere to be found. That when Tycho takes it upon himself to go on an exploratory mission. Using the transmat, he goes to the surface of the planet only to end up in his underwear again. Conveniently, there is another Space Navy uniform on the ground in front of you. On this planet you find all sorts of things, phallus shaped fruits, French rebels, drag-queen like performers, a leather daddy executioner with a penchant for knitting, and a possible new love interest. From New Camelot, you make your way through more mis-adventures. I wont spoil all of the fun, so you'll have to pick up a copy and see for yourself.

My Ex-Boyfriend: The Space Tyrant is a super fun adventure game. However, it may be a bit polarizing for a straight audience. While I say it may be polarizing, I do recognize that a good majority of straight men are not opposed to gay-themed games. The comments section on Steam is filled with straight men applauding and loving the ridiculousness of this game. I saw very few negative comments about the content. However, it needs to be said, there are quite a few negatives to the game in general. One such is the price point of $15 for game that realistically takes only a couple of hours from start to finish. While substantially better than some of the older adventure titles, the graphics do give the feeling of a Newgrounds flash game circa 2003. Sometimes the characters move in awkward ways and the point and click interface can cease to function properly, requiring a reboot of the software. My Ex-Boyfriend's interface is also not quite as advanced seeming as the old games from Sierra. The menu is very basic with only a look function, inventory, and a thought bubble. All-in-all I would say this game is definitely worth playing, though you may want to wait for a sale to pick it up.

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