Hello For Science!!! readers. Today we will be discussing a rather hot topic this week. I am, of course, referring to the application of breasts in our favorite games. I was going to do an article on breast physics, but I kept getting thrown out of the field research establishments for examining the subjects too closely. Grab your clipboards and lab coats, class is about to begin.

It's no secret that video games are played predominantly by the male portion of the species. What's more, these same games are predominantly developed also by the male counterpart of the human species. While this is slowly changing to an equilibrium, at least on the player side, the majority of gamers are men. That being said, heterosexual men are wired to like breasts. Normal ones, not the ones that can crush beer cans or function as a makeshift doorstop. Of course, we here at For Science!!! always ask the burning question: why?

While some biologists believe the heterosexual male is hard coded to desire breasts for their fat content, being that a women with larger breasts will more likely survive and better nourish a child, it is coming to be that this theory is incorrect. Another theory abound is that we as a species are the only mammals that not only engage in rear-facing intercourse but we also frontal intercourse. This is further strengthened by observing the mating rituals of mammal females, such as monkeys, dogs and cats.


Of course both theories, while possibly true at one point, do not apply to modern-day standards. What is really going on is this: breasts create an imprint if you will of one's persona on the female they are attached to on a neurological level. When stimulated, the release of oxytocin is released from the brain.


Oxytocin focuses the brain's attention to the partner's face, smell, and voice. This bond is even further strengthened by actual intercourse which releases one of our favorite chemicals here at For Science, dopamine.


Now, you're probably thinking to yourself 'Seething, W T F man? What does this have to do with games at all?' Well, as mentioned in the paragraphs above, mostly men develop games and the majority of players are men. This mixed with our latent desire of mammary glands creates a subconcious want to see and play games that feature breasts.



Then again, Seething has been known to be wrong before.


Really, it's my theory the art direction of games that have women featuring larger-than-life breasts is simply a reflection of male fantasy of the art director. While this is not true for all developers and art directors, there are a few games out there that take breast size to exaggerated levels.



So don't pull out your pitchforks and torches. It's human nature. If seeing breasts bother you, don't play the game. As gamers and consumers, your loudest voice is your wallet.


That's it for this week's For Science!!! As always, your comments are appreciated below.