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My Favorite Album: OK Computer

So I have been curating my favorite mst3k episodes and I thought something else might be useful to mention. My favorite album, Radiohead's OK Computer.

"Airbag" is the introduction to the album. The lyrics somewhat feel misplaced for a rockband, talking about things "interstellar" and "being born again". In reality, this was the best way to start off this opus of the modern, digital landscape we all inhabit. As this is a gaming site I hope I don't have to reference just games. With OK Computer Radiohead attempted a more SF approach to lyrics and sound design, trying to create something completely different than most bands who were getting radio play at the time.


The modern world, a concept we've been pondering for a hundred years or so, seems to be an anonymous and disjointed space. With the advent of personal computing, gaming, and massive databases collecting the information that seemingly defines us a person might ask "who am I in this space? What separates `me' from these cataloged decisions that seemingly define me?"

So for this album the subject of their lyrics seemingly float from person to person, as each character finds themselves asking a'la "Paranoid Android" "What's this?" "Why don't you remember my name?" The fact that the music so closely parallels these statements, the anger of being disappeared, the regret of a life focused on UFOs, the intense dread you feel realizing you're leaving home for the last time. These were subjects not very popular for songs in the 90s.

Radiohead never really topped this album. They, like Nine Inch Nails' "The Downward Spiral" would attempt to make larger albums after this one. They just couldn't quite match how succinct Computer had been. As well, the album just holds up. So if you are too young to remember the album's release or just didn't care for the band I hope this gives you a reason to check out the album.

Before I end this I think a few honorable mentions for my favorite albums might be worth a mention, Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage, side 2 of Let It Be, as well as Rubber Soul(both by the Beatles), Bowie's Diamond Dogs and Low, The Velvet Underground's Loaded, and Frank Sinatra and Jobim's bossa nova album. Oh yeah, any album by Air, Stereolab, or the Beta Band.


And with that it's done, but how about other TAYers give this a shot and talk about their favorite album? Like Frank said "Music is the best."

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