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My Favorite Songs in Gaming

Hello. I haven't posted here in a while, but I still lurk around everyday. It's late at night here in North Georgia, and I thought I would compose a little list of some of my favorite songs in gaming. I love music; if a game has crappy music, it's instantly knocked out of the running for my list of top games. I can appreciate a good many kind of songs for what they're trying to represent. They don't all have to be tear-jerkingly beautiful compositions, or goofy looping tunes that match the level you're trying to complete; all I ask is that they be a pleasure to listen to and to stay true to what kind of game they're present in. Anyway, enough banter. On with it!*

*Disclaimer: These songs are merely some of my favorites, and they are in no particular order apart from my number one song. You may hate all of them, and that is okay! Let me know some of your favorites in the comments. Also, I'm not including remixes or additional soundtrack versions of songs.

10. Encounter (Metal Gear Solid)

This song carries just the right amount of subtlety and intensity. It plays if you alert the enemy soldiers to your presence. The tempo and volume adjust to whatever phase you are in during an enemy encounter, and the music stops when they break away. The Metal Gear series is full of fantastic music, but I believe that this is a defining piece of them all.


9. Nowhere to Run (Rayman Origins)

I love platformers, and Rayman Origins captured my heart in a way that hasn't been felt since the Donkey Kong Country days of the Super Nintendo. The incredibly goofy soundtrack matched the game perfectly, and almost every song was amazing. This song in particular plays during the optional super level "Land of the Livid Dead."

8. Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country)

Every game in the Donkey Kong Country series has incredible music, and there are a great number of people who have applauded David Wise and co's incredible musical talent. This is the theme of the game's aquatic levels, and the relaxing music pairs nicely with the tediousness of some of the harder parts.


7. Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves (Final Fantasy X-2)

I'm conflicted about FFX-2. It's a fine game, and the musical score is phenomenal, but it just felt like an unnecessary sequel to me (It's strange to say that, considering FFX is my favorite game of all time, no contest). This song plays during the intro sequence and title page. Sometimes I would just sit and contently listen to the song to the end before starting the game.


6. Clanker's Cavern (Banjo-Kazooie)

Banjo-Kazooie is my favorite 3D platformer. A perfect mix of great humor, challenge, and fantastic music. This is the music of the third level, and the jumpy tone of the song always keeps it stuck in my head.


5. Krook's March (Donkey Kong Country 2)

DKC2 is definitely in my top 5 favorite games list. It improved on the original in every way, and it has my favorite all-around soundtrack of any game I've played. This song plays on the two castle themed levels.


4. Midna's Lament (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game. It had a fantastic story with dark themes, great characters, and an absolutely fantastic graphical style. Of course, any great game needs an appropriately great soundtrack, and TP did not fail to deliver. Every song in the game stays in tune with the desperate but hopeful feel that the game gives off, and this particular song plays during one of the game's finest moments.


3. Uncharted Worlds (Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3)

The Mass Effect trilogy has some phenomenal music, but one song has been stuck in my head ever since the release of the first game 6 years ago. It's not any of the dramatic battle symphonies or tear-jerking piano tracks, but rather the simple map theme. This song just has a feeling of curiosity about it that makes you want to jump right into the universe and start exploring.


2. The Great Mighty Poo (Conker's Bad Fur Day/Live and Reloaded)

You know, I've played as grizzled space marines fighting to save the universe. I've played as special agents sent on rescue missions. I've played as ancient heroes awakened to save the world. I've played as medieval warriors taking on mythical beasts. However, it's only been once that I've played as an alcoholic, materialistic squirrel who fights a gigantic, tenor-voiced opera singing shit monster with corn for teeth. It is because of this incredible uniqueness mixed with hilarious lyrics that I deem the Great Mighty Poo's soprano to be the second greatest video game song of all time.


1. To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)

Someone had to have seen this coming. Final Fantasy X is and always will be my favorite game ever. This song brings so many feelings and memories that listening to it can be paralyzing. Just hearing the first seven notes of this song is enough to spur me into playing through the entire game for the 17th time. This song and this game is the reason I am a gamer. Sure, I played plenty of games before it came along, but this is what drove me into the community. Appropriately enough, this song is the theme to a large part of the story of my life.


I conclude my list. Feel free to post some of your favorite gaming tracks as well!

EDIT: Bonus track!

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