I'm really feeling it!

Don’t mind the alien isolation style robots, its the intro that was scary for me.

Before I even bought Fallout 4 last night at 11:57 (who needs that dota 2 announcer pack?) I had heard great, and terrible things about the game. I heard it was broken to all hell. I heard it was a masterpiece in story telling. Either way I was afraid none of it would work.

Having playing almost 400 hours of Fallout New Vegas, I know the game can be buggy. Especially when you add over a hundred mods to the game like I did. I remember hours of turning mods on and off to figure out which one was making the game crash on launch.


I was afraid my PC couldnt handle Fallout 4.

I bought a GTX 770 specifically so my computer could handle MGSV and Fallout 4. Prior to launch, they both scared me, making me wonder if I had a PC strong enough to handle them.

I began playing the game at 11:59 last night, when the game’s download finished.

Here is the transcript of my first hour in the game:

  • [0:00] I take a picture of the launcher, sending it to my friends dictating how excited I was, despite the time (midnight).
  • [0:30] I run around my room screeching out of excitement, but in a hush tone so I don’t get yelled at by my family for waking them up.
  • [2:00] I have finally calmed down enough to start the game, I continue to lose it as the Fallout 4 pops on the screen “IM ACTUALLY PLAYING FALLOUT 4 THIS IS IT”
  • [4:00] After the intro is over, I immediately message my friend with the words “HE SAID IT” “what did he say?” “WAR, WAR NEVER CHANGES”
  • [4:30] I begin creating my character, attempting to make him look as much like me as possible
  • [15:00] I finish deciding which hairstyle my character should have
  • [25:00] I finish creating my character! I think he’s meh but after seeing him in conversations I realize he looks much better than I expected
  • [25:30] Game crashes. I panic. Autosave caught me before I crashed. Crisis averted I don’t have to start my character creation over.
  • [28:00] I continued through the intro, and the vault-tec representative knocks on my door
  • [29:00] I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE THE “sarcastic” OPTION
  • [32:00] I decide on my build, mostly all around but focusing on perception, charisma, and intelligence (I want to pick enemies off from a distance, and when I can’t I’ll talk my way out)
  • [33:00] I discover that my baby Shaun is a beautiful abomination
  • [39:00] Ran for the hills, went inside a hill.
  • [43:00] We all knew the spouse would die, we just hoped it wouldn’t be that pathetic. Died protecting Shaun? Why would my wife freak out over that how does she know they will hurt him? Whats the point in getting herself killed if they would get Shaun regardless of whether or not she lived?
  • [44:00] Well shit everyone’s dead. We all saw that coming
  • [45:00] Oh cool a police baton, maybe melee is decent in fallout 4
  • [47:00] Guns actually have realistic kick to them, I love this 10mm
  • [50:00] I messed up. I found the ice-thrower (flamethower but ice) and before I started I was worried the console would still work like it did in New Vegas. The ice-thrower was in a master level lockbox, and out of curiosity I pressed the tilde key to see if the console worked.

Oh no

I instinctively clicked on the lock-box and typed in the command “unlock”

No god no I don’t want to cheat this game too

Too late. The cryo-blaster-majig or whatever was in my inventory. I have failed as a real gamer.

  • [51:00] I tell my friend about the ice thrower, shooting 3 ammo. Its awesome. He then tells me 1 ammo for the gun costs around 400 caps. Never using that gun again
  • [53:00] Using the escape door, I get to the vault door. I get my pipboy from the body next to it, and inspect its awesomeness.
  • [54:00] I open the vault door. Sitting in the dark while playing the game, I’m appropriately blinded by the light the door lets out. I exit the vault.
  • [55:00] I spend the next five minutes looking at the scenery. Fallout 4 is goddamn beautiful.

Cant wait to play the game later today—oh wait no I have to go to a freaking dinner party for the Republican debates tonight SHIT.


My point is? Great intro to the game.

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