I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

My Gaming Resolutions for 2017- Number 10: Start Writing about Games

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Hey everyone! Since I’m going to be very busy this week as my fellow cast members and I get ready for opening night for the musical play Ragtime, my articles will be significantly shorter than usual. But because I want to at least put something up each day, enjoy my top 10 gaming resolutions for 2017, with number 10 in this article, nine later today, and the following eight over the next eight days. Keep in mind that although this is a “top ten” list, the order is purely random and I don’t necessarily value any resolution higher than any other. Enjoy!


10. Start Writing about Games

This is one resolution that I’ve actually started working on! When I was in middle school, I would write a lot about video games in my journal, but I never really shared any of my writing except for a few of my friends. Eventually I started a let’s play, but it ended up being utter garbage. I then tried to make this hyper-edited “Review Series.” Because I had almost no editing experience, it took me about a month to put just one video out, and I quickly learned two things: I loathed editing and voice over, but I loved writing about video games. And so, I decided to start writing for TAY! I’ve already gained authorship and have five thousand clicks on one article, but, more importantly, I’ve gotten to join a really wonderful community where I can write and receive feedback, read from the same people who read my articles, and have fun hanging out in the morning and evening TAY forums. I’ll count this resolution as a success if I can fulfill my goal suggested to me by a Kotaku author that I write one article every day for two months. Yes, I know I didn’t publish any article yesterday, but I did actually write most of this yesterday with pencil and paper, and I’m publishing another article later today, so I’m not having that break my streak. Stay awesome TAY!

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