And everyone else who is interested in art, of course!

And you thought I only did Pokemon illustrations?

I've been doing a series of episodes on YouTube entitled "SeeBonnyDraw", where someone named Rick does ludicrous acts in humiliation for big laughs recorded in real time in public locations!

No, that is a lie. SeeBonnyDraw is where you can watch me, Bonny John, draw! Wow!

As you see in the header, this is the 23rd episode, and I decided to share it with you all today because, well, Sunday is Breaking Bad day! I put up the episode yesterday, after failing to launch it Friday.


Here is the final art.


I have shots of this art being created, the works in progress, but there's no need to post it when you can see how the work was created through the video! You can also...hear my voice *gasp* and see what that sounds like. I've been doing SeeBonnyDraw for nearly a year and I hope to continue doing it...To help me get noticed, ya know?

But anyway, there are episodes featuring movie characters, TV obviously, and of course video games! I'll be sharing those with you down the line or you can just go to my channel and check it out!

If you want, you can share and subscribe cause that would just be awesome!

But anyway, I'm obviously mad hyped about the show and as I said, this one is for the fans! I'm going to get going now because the episode is about to air!

Alrighty, enjoy! See you tomorrow with the next Pokemon of the Day: Charizard!