I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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In Todd in the Shadow’s best-hits-of-2016 videos, while spotlighting Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”, he related his “weird relationship” to the song, with the realization that Mike Posner might have seen his review of it. Well, against all probability, I’m now finding myself with something similar.

That said, my case is less conflicted and more positive. That still doesn’t make it any less strange!


On Monday, for that day’s entry in my Loved Trax series of music posts, I wrote about The Delgados’ “The Light Before We Land”, to which I was introduced as the opening theme song for anime series Gunslinger Girl. The post went up, I was happy with how it turned out, and then as per usual, life moved on for the rest of the week.

That included much of yesterday, at the end of the work week. I had finished the one important thing that needed doing for that Friday’s worth of work, so the rest of the afternoon was set to be spent just waiting out the rest of the day until being officially finished. Within those doldrums, I was checking out the Gizmodo/AV Club family of sites, as one does.

Eventually, I received a couple of notifications, and when checking them, saw that one of them was a comment on my Delgados post from glassneedles, who TAY readers might recognize as the author of a pair of 2017-in-retrospective articles about the games he completed at the start of this year.

Imagine my surprise, when clicking through to see his comment in full, at then reading this:

It’s always odd coming across mentions of the Delgados as my cousin was the drummer. I sent him a link to this and he seemed to like it


I agree as well it’s one of my favourite songs by them. Not sure if you’ve listened to much else by them but their albums are well worth a listen.


When checking the link, sure enough, there was Paul Savage—music producer and the drummer of The Delgados—reflecting on one of his old band’s songs, spurred on by a piece of writing that he had been sent.


Oh, and that piece of writing happens to be mine.

It still feels unreal right now. This isn’t even the first time that something I created ended up reaching the people who inspired it, but that does nothing to dull the sensation. I have this assumption that whenever I write about these things, that there’s enough of this obscurity bubble surrounding me that ensures that the people I write about are never going to actually see it themselves.


Yet here we are, with that bubble having just been punctured. And it just so happens to be at the hand of someone in the band responsible for one of my favorite anime OPs ever, soundtracking one of my favorite series that I’ve seen in the last five years?! This isn’t actually a dream, is it??

Being an author evidently has its perks sometimes. I’m still going to need a moment over here.

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