I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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About a month ago, I wrote an article where I shared my 5 most played games on Steam. Since I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel for these final days of the SixTAY Days of Writing, I thought I’d provide an update on that list as it has since changed and that initial post was also part of this writing challenge.


This is a list that rarely changes, so the fact that it has changed so soon after writing that article about it is rather significant. I recently started working on my backlog again and returned to Batman: Arkham Knight. As I had done with previous entries in the Arkham series, I went for the full 100% completion. Given that Rocksteady went overboard with Riddler Trophies and other side objectives in the final act of their Batman trilogy, it took quite a bit of time. With 44 hours on record, Arkham Knight has edged out Grand Theft Auto V for the fifth slot on the list. However, if you were to combine the hours of GTAV I have on PC with those on Xbox 360, it would likely be the #2 game on this list. Although, if we were counting most played games across all platforms, the top 5 would probably all be Halo games.

Since we’re updating this list, I may as well include that I’ve racked up some more hours in Rocket League as well and it is now tied with Saints Row IV for third most played with 50 hours. And finally, I’ve played nearly 120 more hours of Stellaris since the original post, further cementing it as my most played steam game. I now have more hours in Stellaris than the next four games on the list combined. That’s impressive. I wonder if it will ever be dethroned.

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