Best caption I could think of. I’m not great at editing, okay?

Well, my number one fear is that I’ll embarrass myself by not publishing an article on the first day of the event I set up.

But speaking in broader terms, there’s a lot that I’m really looking forward to and slightly apprehensive about with this event. And just to make things clear, I’m writing about just my own personal hopes and fears for myself. I have full confidence in all of you deciding to join, and I’m already so proud of everyone just for taking the leap and trying out this crazy idea.


The number one thing I want to maintain for this event is cutting down on my word count. Not only does this give me more time to do other things each day, but it will hopefully help me to become more concise with my writing. I might indulge in a longer article here and there, but as a general rule, I don’t want any of my articles to exceed 500 words. In order to do this, I’m going to try to keep each of my articles focused on one or two narrow topics.

I also want to write things I’ve never written about before. While I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about video games, I want to go completely off topic every now and then to write about stuff like theater, anime, TV shows, movies, school, my family, books, etc. I might connect it to video games, or I might not.

And one of the things I’m most excited yet unsure of is my consistency. I’m fully aware that I likely won’t get something up every day, and I’m sure some of my posts will be pretty bad. But I’m also writing for another site at the same time: KeenGamer. I’m not making daily posts there, but I currently write a lot of reviews for them, with my most recent one actually going up today! I’m also planning on helping out with a bunch of E3 coverage, and have a bunch of ideas for longer articles I want to write for them. I think my game plan for now is to take a short break until E3, cover a bunch of stuff there (remotely, sadly not going), take another short break, and then ease myself back into writing regularly. There have been lots of days when I’ve been completely absorbed by work for KeenGamer, so it’s a little scary to have such a second big time commitment (not to mention preparing for college, learning how to drive, and other life stuff). But hey, I thought doing the 60-day challenge would be impossible last year, so I won’t know if I’m able to do this unless I try.

But regardless of my own personal success with this challenge, I’ll feel like I’ve succeeded at least in one way if it inspires a bunch of you to write more! So you’d all better write a bunch so I can be lazy and still feel good about myself!