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My Summer Gaming Plans

For too long now have I left games that I started in the dust. And to be frank, I haven’t done an exemplary job keeping up with things thus far this summer. I want this to change, and I believe that even with everything else I have going on this summer, I can do it! I’m going to go over the games I want to either complete or beat, and how I plan on doing that. I did this for this year’s “Four in February” challenge on TAY with great success, so I hope to do a similar thing here with the roughly two months I have left before I start college. I’m not starting any new video games until I’m done with these, (excluding anything I get in for review for KeenGamer) but this doesn’t count new DLC.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

In a previous post, I posed the question to you as to which SNES JRPG I should play through, and you picked this. I got the first two stars in the first day, and then never picked the game up again, despite my enjoyment of it. I plan to immediately jump into this game once I have this article published, as I’ll only have a few more days to play it. We’ve been on the road a lot this month, giving me little time to play the game, and we’re getting back on it in a few days, so I want to make every hour count. But with some technical wizardry, I might be able to hook the thing up to the TV we have in our car, which would be amazing and would definitely warrant a dedicated article if possible.

Splatoon 2- Octo Expansion

While I haven’t been big into either Splatoon’s online for more than 10 hours each or so, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their single-player campaigns. And from what I’ve played of the Octo Expansion from my initial impressions, this might be Splatoon’s best single-player campaign yet! I’ll likely be playing this any time I’m unable to play the SNES on our car trip, hopefully finishing it before we arrive home.


NieR: Automata

I technically beat this game, but anyone who’s really beaten it knows that you need to get to the credits a lot more than just one time. I started NieR: Automata around the beginning of the year, but took a break after finishing route A, since I heard route B was pretty similar and I didn’t want to get burnt out. I enjoyed doing a bunch of the sidequests, although I have no intentions of doing all of them, but I’m planning on more or less making a B-line for the story beats as long as I’m not underleveled. I’m told this game gets crazier and crazier, so I’m excited to see where this wonderfully creative game with excellent combat goes from here, hopefully starting it once I get home in around a week from now as long, as I’ve beaten Super Mario RPG by then!



But I’m sure there will be plenty of occasions when I’m out and about during summer vacation, even once I get home. I loved playing this game on the bus home from school, but ever since school finished I haven’t really touched it. This is another excellent Platinum game, and while some might worry about Platinum overload, I think these Bayonetta and Nier: Automata will complement each other nicely. I’d say I’m around 75% through the game already, so hopefully it won’t take too much longer to polish off.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle- Donkey Kong Adventure

I wasn’t planning on picking up the DLC for this game, but GameXplain’s preview of it really sold me on it. I’ll likely still be working on the Octo Expansion or Bayonetta when it launches, but it’ll be next in line. It’s supposedly about half the length of the base game, which took me around 30 hours, so this is no joke, but I think it’s doable.


Persona 5

Oh boy, this one’s a doozy. I played around 15 hours of it back in the very beginning of my summer vacation, which might be halfway or even done for some games, but it’s barely beginning for Persona 5. This game can take up to 100 hours to beat, so I’ll need some real dedication to conquer this beast of a game. But the real life and dungeon-crawling aspects of the game are so fun that I just can’t resist the challenge.


Horizon Zero Dawn

This is the end-game. If I beat everything else, including the beast that is Persona 5, I’ll spend the rest of my summer in this post-apocalyptic Colorado. I especially want to make it through The Frozen Wilds DLC, but I also want to go back and do all of the sidequests that I didn’t get around to. This is definitely the type of game that I eventually want to complete.


And there we have it: Seven games in roughly two months, with 40 days left (We’re one third through, guys!) of SixTAY Days of Writing, not to mention college preparations and possibly learning how to drive. It might be impossible regardless, but it’s particularly impossible with my current gaming schedule, which is highly irregular at the moment. And the number one culprit of things that I can change is how I spend my late evenings. Anywhere from 10pm to 2am (I’ve been as far west as Washington and as far east as Ohio within the past month, so time is very fluid), I’ll be on my computer, either working on an article because I didn’t have the time/ energy to earlier, or on Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, gaming/ political news, TAY, etc., just letting my brain turn into mush. There’s nothing wrong with a little of these things, and some are actually important, but like DisturbedShadow writes, it can be quite a time-sink. So I need to budget my time so that my evenings are more filled with gaming and less with mindless entertainment and information. I’ve tried in the past (largely unsuccessfully) to set up schedules or block sites at certain hours, but I’ve realized that the only reliable blocker is self-control. Hopefully, setting up this goal for myself will help me keep on-task.

And hey, my real goal is to beat the first five games. Persona 5 is a monster, and Horizon Zero Dawn is more of just a buffer in case I have time left-over. Especially if I get games in for review, those will take precedence and cut into time with the other games. But it’s not like failing this has any real consequences. It’s just a goal that I’m setting for myself to keep me motivated to play these great games.


I thought I wouldn’t be able to do Four in February, and I was, (Even though I beat Horizon Zero Dawn at 10pm on February 28th) so maybe I’ll be able to do this! There’s only one way to find out!

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