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My thought on: Fairy Bloom Freesia

It's a Beat'em up. You play as a cute fairy named Freesia.

She's trying to protect the forest. The game is fun. You level up and buy skills and special attacks. You can play it on a game pad which I recommend.


If you like being a cute fairy and beating up different shaped blobs to protect your home land forest realm of all that is good and may have bears living in it you may need to play this game.

It is available on steam. Be aware there is an issue with the game attempting to update and add the Japanese stuff however that will give it a ton of issues so if you launch and it asks to update just kindly decline and go protect the forest!

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Oh yeah I beat a steam game in my back log feels goooood man!

I played about two hours. Its really short but you can make a clear save and play it again to learn anything you didn't and max out the passive skills also a new difficulty and mode unlock after you beat the game on normal.



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