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​My Thoughts on: Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai

Plot Summary: Ryosuke Kaga is an ecchi high school boy attending Momozomo Academy. One day, he meets a girl standing alone in the rain. She is Lisara Restor, an elite Grim Reaper, who visited the human world in order to find "A Strong Soul". Ryosuke makes a contract with Lisara and she sucks energy required for her activity in the human world from Ryosuke. The source of the energy is his perverted spirit. To recover the sexual desire, Ryosuke has no choice but to help Lisara's search.

Genres: romance, supernatural
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, harem, libido, shinigami
Objectionable content: Intense
Episodes: 12
Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/a…


Well yeah just maronthoned this. I must say it threw me for a loop so let's get into it! Also here is a pretty much spoiler free

So you have a normal guy and he has a busty childhood friend (Glasses) and when he gets home some slender red head is standing in the rain. He lets her in his house to dry off and she stabs him with an ancient relic to make a temporary contract so she can use his energy because she is form the other world where Soul reapers come from and they fight a monster and she has to get beat up to the point where she is half naked and he sees this and is turned on but wants to save her too and gives her his ero-ENERGGY and she wins! This happens also as they meet the blonde and the brunette.

Its likes eight out of twelve episodes that's what happens seriously! Although I didn't mind the nudity (mainly breasts) my sister was upset with this. So with that summary done up by the way I won't talk about the last four episodes you have to watch them to really just get your mind rocked by what they had been preparing to do. In fact I glanced over most of the important story bits to say I love these main characters like Ryosuke. He made the show until the last few episodes.


Yes he is a pervert. Yes it is the driving force of his will that allows him to recharge at a moment's notice to help Lisara (Red) when she is in a pinch… which is ALWAYS! Despite Lisara the main love interest being upset with Ryosuke's lewdness. However you have his childhood friend who is A-Okay with it. She knows he's a nice guy and honest to a fault and wouldn't change a thing about him! Also a few others begin to love him because duh it's a Harem.

Also if you're interested in Ryosuke or characters like him I recommend to you High school DxD which stars a high school boy who is also perverse and wait for it… A VOLUPTIOUS RED HEAD! Wow seriously let's get some character variation. The differences are there of course but still they involve a human in other world business and he helps save the day or stop something I forget I will watch that series because I just found out it got a sequel!


Oh yeah about this anime… you should watch it if you don't mind fan service. Also if you don't mind shows where things get out of hand every episode and if you like a good SURPRISE. I liked it personally but that's the type of viewer I am.

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