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My thoughts on: Hatsune Miku Project Diva f

  • Platform: PS vita - (JP only) and PS3 - JP,NA,EU(digital only)
  • Genre: Rhythm Game

Okay now for those of you who have run into Vocaloid before and knew nothing of it. Let me tell you that despite the numerous amount of art and the character designs that this is not based off of an anime. Vocaloids are:


Web definitions

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody. It utilizes Yamaha's Vocaloid synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers. ...


These characters like the popular Miku are personifications of vocaloids and boy are they popular. So with that out of the way let’s talk about the Game!


So in project Diva f you play through songs or music videos pressing buttons to the rhythm seems easy right? Well it is unless you are a BEAR! Can’t understand a bit of Japanese! Anyway besides playing a bunch of songs you won’t understand the game is very fun.

The game features 6 of the vocaloids Miku (green hair), Rin (White bow) & Len (blonde), Luka(pink), Kaito (blue), and Meiko (red).

The one main issue I have with this game is that Yes there are 6 characters but there are only 38 that you can play songs minus the stuff people made in edit mode which I will talk about as well. So with 38 songs and six voices you’d hope for a well-rounded library NOooooOPE! Miku is about 75% of the songs leaving the rest for the others in fact meiko gets 2 songs, kaito gets one solo (Which was my favorite song by the way) and a group song. Rin & Len get a few songs and a few duets. Luka Who also had one of my favorite songs got maybe 2 solo songs as well. There are 44 songs in cluding concerts and dlc though.


I guess I can’t be mad though her name is in the title so if you love Miku you will be very pleased. If you can’t stand her voice the next best thing to do is when you play songs you can replace her model in the music video with others but not the voice. That would require a lot of work with tuning the voices and all.


So you can dress them up for performances using accessories and costumes which you will first have to unlock then buy. But hey if you love a certain character you like such as subbing in Luka or Meiko for some of Miku’s songs you can do that or hey how about everyone is Swimsuit Kaito! Well you can do that lol!

The main mode of the game is music. Then there is an edit mode where you can kind of make your own thing using your own music. You can upload and share the edit but not the music of course if you used a non in game track. I didn’t care much for it though.


Another mode is the Diva rooms. This mode is for mainly to show off the stuff you buy and unlock for them like furniture, and room themes. You can also visit the cast and play with them. Like rub their foreheads and give them gifts and play the occasional game of rock paper scissors. I came to the conclusion that they are all secretly cat’s especially Luka and her love for sashimi. You pet them for a little bit and they are disappointed. Pet them enough and they like it; however pet them for to long and they get upset!

That covers the main modes of the game There is also a mode for taking photos of the models as well as live concerts (AR concerts for VITA) to watch all starring Miku of course ha!


If you’re interested in in Vocaloids and love J-pop I highly recommend this game to you. I loved this game so much I got the platinum in it.

I will try and get pictures before I have to part with the game. (I need cash for things like Pokemon X and Y even though I don’t want to sell it.)


My favorite songs:

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