Characters from Left to Right: Rowen, Leia, Elize and Teepo (Purple thing above Elize), Jude, Alvin and Milla

Well a few folks said they were interested and I believe I have spent enough time playing this to have a good say on it. Tales of Xillia was the latest Tales of game to hit the NA and EU. It had already been out in Japan almost two years before that. Finally Namco realized that we will buy their games if they would localize them and even offered people the option of preordering a Special edition version of the game with a Milla Maxwell statue, Art book, Soundtrack and 2 DLC costumes along with the game. In fact I bought it because I have impulse control.

Now I will talk about the game. Also note you do not have to play previous Tales of Games to understand the story as they aren't really linked in anyway. Except for the upcoming Sequel to Xillia named Xillia 2. Oh the other Exception is Tales of Symphonia’s Sequel which came out on the Wii. Anyway back to the game the article is about!

Tales of Xillia starts off allowing you to pick one of two protagonists. Jude Mathis a young man who is in medical school hoping to become a Doctor just like his father or Milla Maxwell the human Form of Maxwell the Guardian of Rieze Maxia A.K.A. GAWD. On my first run through I played as Jude Mathis I quickly found the difference between this and Graces F in the battle system. This game has a linking mechanic and each character has two special abilities. Also Even though you get to pick one of two characters they are together on the party for most of the games except for when the party gets split up occasionally or just because the story demands it.



Milla is being cool meditating in her shrine and what not when she senses a disturbance in the force. Actually she was feeling the spirits in the world dying so she sets off to see what up. Then basically Jude gets wrapped in all of this when he spots Milla walking on water like Jesus when he was asked to go find his professor. So he follows her into the research lab where his professor is.

Kind of Spoilery No big spoilers just prologue stuff.

Jude sees his professor die! They find a weapon called the Lance of Kresnik! A crazy girl in red attacks them! The red girl fires the weapon and traps Milla’s four great spirits and then they are criminals on the run!



I won’t divulge much more but I liked the story and I loved some of the sub quests they revealed some deep stuff the only issue was that they were very easy to miss as many of them were time sensitive. You can miss a whole sub quest that lets you know a lot more about Alvin, Elize, and some more side characters.


So throughout the game you can tell that Jude is in love with Milla right and she feels the same however in the end she chooses her Mission over love! I thought the game was going to turn into a love triangle with Leia Clearly wanting to be with Jude and her becoming jealous but no it never happens and I am happy it didn’t.




Now about combat each character plays a bit differently. Jude is clearly a Brawler he has no magic based moves that have a long casting time besides a healing move and a status clearing move. Milla can cancel all her casted spells into attacks of the same element. Alvin can hold charges to make his moves cooler and stronger. Elize has two modes involving Teepo being on or off. If Teepo is floating around her physical attacks are different and stronger. When he is perched on Elize her magic attacks are stronger. Rowen can do many of the same spells Milla can, but he can extend his spells with certain button commands like Milla’s fireball is one cast Rowen can shoot maybe three to four with good timing. Leia is pretty much like Jude except most of her moves work in the air also she has many Buffs and healing spells.


Other stuff

I really didn't care for the music it all fit in nothing really wowed me there. The game did loot a bit differently they spawned randomly and you only got specific things in specific areas like ore and rocks in mountains and cliff sides and animal parts in trees and in bags on the ground. Some people say it was Linear I say what did you expect you had one mission! The story wasn't written as something to be open world.


I enjoyed the game I even got the platinum in it! It only took 82 hours but I enjoyed them all especially having played Jude’s side then seeing everything I missed playing with Milla as the lead. You should pick this up if you’re interested in the series or wait for the Symphonia HD collection as that is one of the best titles in the Tales of Series. If you don’t want to wait though you can pick up these titles that have been around for a while Tales of Graces F is available for PS3; Tales of Vesperia is on XBOX 360. I also believe Tales of Abyss is on 3ds and PS2.


Please tell me how I did with this and if you have any suggestions on what I should do in the future.