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I'm really feeling it!
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My Thoughts on The Devil is a Part Timer/ Hataraku Maou-sama!

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Genres: comedy, fantasy, romance, slice of life

Themes: ecchi, fanservice, hero, part-time job, superpower, time-freeze, tragedy, unrequited love

Objectionable content: Significant


This was the last Anime I finished watching before the fall semester hit me like a truck full of overpriced Textbooks and I found this in my article folder on me USB drives unfinished and of course unpublished. I am here to right that wrong!


So the devil is a part timer did something I personally have never seen before. It takes one super serious Prologue then becomes something completely goofy. However the thing that happen before hand still remain relevant it wasn’t like, “Oh hey we were fighting for a country but that does not matter anymore.” In fact That’s Maou’s reason for getting a part time job so he can survive in the human world long enough to regain his powers and return to his home world a long with his buddy Asliel.

So it’s about 13 episodes long which is the usual for seasonal anime. Overall I enjoyed it The whole cast was pretty darn awesome But I won’t tell you about them for the sake of spoiling the story. However pretty much it all revolves around Maou just working at MgRonald and how he will work his way up the career ladder to someday conquer Tokyo too. (I love the parodies they do of fast food chains in Anime).


So over all you should watch it you guys because it’s good I mean even the folks over at Kotaku out it on the must watch list and they were right and so am I.


Go watch it or I might cry like Chiho who is too cute by the way.


It’s up on a few places I used Anime Fave

It can also be found on Hulu as well though.

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