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My thoughts on Ucherei

This show is from 2009 you guys I remember watching it shortly after graduating high school and I watched it again almost 3 years later or 4… I am not the best at math.

Number of Episodes: 12

Genres: comedy

What’s this show even about? Well these two kids are on summer vacation at the family shrine. Then Bam UFO crashes they go to check it out and get stuck with that little guy above. They never give him a proper name so they just call him Ucherei which I believe literally meant space ghost. They figure he was a ghost because he must have died in the crash never mind that he is an Alien.


This little show is mainly about them spending summer with a space ghost. They also are the only two who can see him. Throughout the episodes they have even more supernatural or paranormal encounters and it’s just different. I was particularly drawn in by the art style.It was a nice goofy little show.

You should watch this if you want something different. Also how can you refuse this face?


Links for watching here.

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