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My Time Celebrating International Tabletop Day!

As many of you probably know, this past Saturday was International Tabletop Day. One of my best friends , Johnny (pictured in black) and I ( horribly pictured in red) headed off to our nearest and most popular local game store, Gatehouse Games.

The Muffin Man is here?!

Having shown up a bit early, we set up a table to run Munchkin: Pathfinder. It didn't take long before our table was full of eager players.


The first game lasted almost two hours, and was pretty damn close. Afterwards, we proceeded to partake in a few rousing games of Cthulhu Dice.


Other tables ran games such as Chupacabra: Survive The Night...


...and other interesting games like Crokinole, which I unfortunately did not get to participate in due to time limitations.


Afterwards my friend Johnny handed out some promotional items from Steve Jackson Games. Overall, the event went over extremely well, and I met a lot of cool new people. Everybody seemed to have a really good time. My thanks go out to the owner of Gatehouse for holding the event and for Steve Jackson Games for promoting it for gamers everywhere!

Except this guy. He sucks.

Everybody in these photographs gave their permission to have their picture taken, and to be included in this article. The owner has given his permission for his store to be named. Jollyboots' avatar and banner were created by the awesome JamesT of TCS.

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