I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I finally got around to seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home tonight and really enjoyed it. It was smooth, funny, well paced and edited, and did a fantastic job on one of Spider-Man’s sillier villains.

Mysterio always felt like he should have that psychological terror aspect from his illusions when I watched the Spider-Man cartoon from the 90s. However, he instead always ended up feeling like a less threatening Scarecrow who, at the time, was on Batman: The Animated Series and was far scarier. I read a lot of Spider-Man comics during that period and I honestly can’t remember a single one about Mysterio - I was far too entranced by all the Carnage and Venom plots.

The Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home kept some of his more over the top grandstanding but also introduced some good old fashioned psychological abuse. Having gotten to know Spider-Man, and his real identity, he was able to create some disturbing scenes for Spider-Man to react to. The special effects and art design for these scenes were fantastic - the flowing, near nauseating, cycle of images, the zombie-robot Iron Man, the attempted rescuing of friends who weren’t there, it all looked amazing and was probably the best part of the movie (well, except that opening tribute video).


As a kid I thought Mysterio was cool and a bit scary, but I was a kid and viewed everything through nerd-speckled glasses. I feel like this movie is the first non-comic representation of Mysterio that actually lives up to his abilities of illusion as manipulation. As the viewer it was impossible to tell what was real and what was fake, and in that way Mysterio revealed just how well he can take advantage of Spider-Man’s biggest fears.

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