I'm really feeling it!

Surprise one day I check my email and I have an unusual email from Sony! It was not an update about what’s on PSN this week or whether they were having a sale. It was a code to a closed Beta to a game that I had never heard of before.



This game is a sort of Pocket monsters collect-a-thon game. The battle system is a 3 on 3 battle system. You can take a team of five of your own spirits and one guest spirit from a friend. The fighting uses an ATB when the spirits bar is full the spirits unleash an attack of their element on the targeted enemy. Whoever you put in the lead can use their support skill. Also they each have a skill that use SP. They have attacks and buffs and debuffs.

I enjoyed the game for the four days I got to play it. When you start the game each day you get a fortune and a favored element. You could then after your first day summon a spirit between yourself and another compatible summoner over the internet. You both got a free random spirit. I don’t klnow where this game was going

I was managed to clear three areas before the game closed its beta. I managed to make a PSN friend and do a few sprit trades. All in All I can’t wait to see the finished product however they decide to release this. Also the spirit art is fucking great. Look at this shit Fuck yeah!


Was anyone else in it? Are you guys checking your emails to see if you missed it lol I almost did!

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