I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

So I’m interested in the game, releasing tomorrow. Wanted to post some of the propaganda for the game in case anyone else wanted to know what it was.

This 50 min. panel gives some interesting info.

From Sony E3 stuff. 10 minutes.

Part of the “enemy spotlight” series of publicity videos.

The game can be played as a single player experience, co-op or racing for multiplayer, and has the level editor tools to allow anyone to make levels. So I really like that addition, simple as it might seem, there’s something special in giving the community a sense of creativity. Like I think it’s why some games’ communities flourish and others communities don’t. Some games treat their communities as just money machines.


Not that the game won’t have many maps, over 2000 will arrive with the game, but particularly with racing and co-op the creative tools allow design to catch up to the meta. There’s always that curve where you can’t really tell what players are going to be doing 2 years down the road.

So in conclusion: inertia based platformer for PS4, lots of levels, modes, and a level editor. And evil ninjas.

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