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Nach's Charity Stream - Thanks Everyone for Coming <3

Good morning peeps! First of all, thanks for your input and your support in the previous version of this post. This charity stream is in benefit of the Claire’s Place Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps kids affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Please consider giving support with a donation.

Feel free to watch the stream right in this post or if you want to join the fun consider going directly to My Twitch Channel.



This is all tentative as it may change depending on how well or how bad I’m doing at each game.

  • 11:45AM EST - Warm Up Session
  • 12:00PM EST - Transistor Start
  • 2:00PM EST - Sound Shapes Mini-Session
  • 2:15 PM EST - Mega Man 6: The Last Struggle
  • 3:15 PM EST - The Much Needed Lunch Break
  • 3:30PM EST - The Last of Us: Part 1
  • 5:30 PM EST - Uncharted 4 Multiplayer
  • 7:00 PM EST - Sleeping Dogs Finale

As I previously explained, my goal is to raise funds and help spread the world about cystic fibrosis. Our campaign started abruptly but we have made a lot of progress in the last four weeks and I would like to extend that progress this weekend. Right now our total stands at US$1,182, I would love to set the goal to get a few hundred more dollars and reach $1,500 by the time I’m done playing.


Hope to see you all in the chat and thanks for your input and your support~

- Nach <3

PS: The reasons why I started all this are right after the jump.


Good afternoon, Peeps! You may have noticed that in the past couple of weeks I’ve tried to get into the streaming world. I mean it’s pretty obvious since I keep flooding TAY with every single game I’ve been streaming. There is an ulterior motive to this.

You may have wondered… why is this fool so keen on sharing his terrible gaming skills with all of us? Do I really want to hear his overly nasal voice express disdain after dying multiple times at the same spot in Mega Man 4? Why is he such an idiot and wastes time exploring and throwing stuff away in Firewatch? And can he shut up for once…?


To be honest TAY. I have no idea. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys being exposed, and while I have enjoyed streaming these two games (Firewatch more than Mega Man) I still don’t feel I should be doing this.

The Giving Back Portion

I’ve been wanting to do a charity stream for quite a while. I guess I did something real bad in the past and I want to make amends for it via charity, because that thought just sorta grew on me overnight.


The thing is I’ve never had the chance to do so because I do not have any streaming devices, nor a computer that’s able to handle all that processing, beeps, boops and whatnot.

In addition to the technical requirements, to be able to do one of these streams one must have certain social skills amongst them charisma… an attribute I’ve always felt I don’t have.


The King of All Cosmos Made It Happen


To those who haven’t played the Katamari Damacy series may not get the reference. The events that transcur in those games can always attributed to a combination of the King’s reckless behavior and strange coincidences.

In my case, It feels like the cosmos aligned itself and gave me a chance to actually take action. For some strange reason the director of the school of marketing at my university contacted me (and some other peeps, but I need to feed my ego and make myself look like the hero here) to help him set up a campaign to raise funds for a foundation.


The Birth of the #GiveaBreath Campaign

The meeting we were summoned to was to announce that we were handpicked to help raise funds to the Claire’s Place Foundation, a non-profit that helps kids with Cystic Fibrosis all across the US. A small group of peeps and I (actually just another friend) took charge of the whole campaign and got some people around Miami to help us, but you know how these things work... the more the merrier.


In that meeting we brainstormed for names to differentiate our campaign, ideas to help spread the word and ways to incentivize people to give away their money for a better cause. I rolled with the idea and suggested the plan to do a livestream.


I’ll do the livestream! I’ve seen people do it” I exclaimed as everyone gawked at me baffled by my proposal. I explained what the whole event entailed and how I could make it happen.

But there was an important aspect...


There’s no better way to do something you’ve never done than jumping into action before your head starts giving you ideas on why it is better to pretend that you ever said such thing.


Which brings me to the lede of this wall of text broken by headers and pictures. I needed to push myself into the world of streaming. I talked to people about this whole thing and how they started and the best advice was from our fellow TAYer, Rer. He said something in the lines of “just go for it, you’ll find your way” I hesitated, but after a week of thinking and planning I did my first stream.

The Stream

The Playstation 4 may have streaming capabilities but it’s far from the best option to jump into this crazy world of attention seeking and constant humilliation. I tried both Twitch and YouTube to broadcasts my playthroughs. Although I prefer YT, for this particular event I’m going to revert to Twitch.


You can find me on Twitch by clicking this nifty link http://www.twitch.tv/nach212

Why Twitch? Because Youtube treats each stream as if it were a different channel, and the PS4 treats each game as an individual stream. Meaning that whenever I switch games I will have to switch the streaming channel in YouTube. That isn’t the case with Twitch.


Now here’s Where My Fellow TAYers Come Into Play

I want to do a mini-marathon similar to how the people at Extra Life do, starting either Saturday or Sunday at 10AM EST and going all the way until I collapse from hunger/lack of sleep/dementia.


I have selected a few games I think would be great to stream and I also have a wishlist of games that I could buy (at least one) to make the stream more fun but it’s up to you all to decide what I am going to play. So please, vote in the Google Form that I’ve embedded below~


Oh and the second reason... I want to contribute to Aikage’s Prancercising video!

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