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Name Game: Yoshi's...

Sometimes games are announced and the developers involved decide they don't really want to give away too much about the plot, controls, or setting. It's a teaser!

So here are some of the shots for the upcoming Yoshi title on the Wii U. Nintendo showed them off in a Nintendo direct and hasn't said a word since. As you can see (unless you're blind, in which case how did you just read that?) Yoshi is made of string/yarn or some other type of craft material, much like Kirby in his 2010 outing known as Kirby's Epic Yarn. The whole thing has a cutesy, LittleBig Planet vibe to it, and that's not a bad thing. So gamers, what is Nintendo going to call this bad boy? Here are my terrible guesses.



Super Mario World 3: Yoshi's Island 2: The Great Yarn Adventure

Crafty Yoshi

Yoshi's Story: Year of the Yarn


Think you can do better? I hope so. Mine are pretty lame. Post your name below so I be ashamed at home much better it is.

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