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I’ve decided I’m going to be doing these on a weekly basis until I find there just isn’t enough material to sustain it. Luckily for me the second chapter of Naruto Gaiden was as jam packed as the first with the big reveals this week as big even bigger then the last. If you missed my last write up from two weeks ago (Golden Week break) you can read it here. Anyways lets head back to the wild world of Naruto!


The first scene seems ripped straight from the pages of the Naruto Epilogue chapters that ended the last section of the manga. After a conspicuous absence from Chapter 1 Sasuke makes his triumphant return to the series. As I mentioned he is literally in the exact same forest we saw him wandering around before (I didn’t check but the panel looked almost identical). However he is quickly attacked which is unsurprising, however what is surprising is the fact his mysterious assailant wields a fully realized Sharingan a kekkei genkai up to this point only two people in the series should possess (Sasuke and Sarada). Beyond that the fighter has white hair and not the black of the Uchiha. However the fight doesn’t last long as Sassuke makes short work of his attacker forcing a retreat. I found this very refreshing as instead of trying to equalize the playing field for false drama the power houses remain just that virtual untouchable gods they were by the end of the last story.

Back at Konohagakure we catch up with Sarada trying to come to terms with her realization from the last chapter and the issues it raises for her. She later interrogates Shizune (who has aged amazingly well since the Great Ninja War) where it’s revealed Sarada’s birth seems to be surrounded in secrecy furthering her doubts about her parentage. After a short scene with Choji and his daughter Chōchō (seriously that’s her name...) Mitzuki a ninja who is apparently teammates with Boruto and Sarada has a quick chat and leaves.


Eventually Sarada overhears Naruto speaking about the attack on Sasuke and decides to follow him to finally meet her father with Chōchō inexplicably deciding to follow along. Overall this chapter has totally confirmed my suspicions that at least the first part of the manga will be an Uchiha affair as Boruto doesn’t even make an appearance in this chapter with once again Sarada carrying most of the weight for the new characters. Myself I personally find this to be a good choice as Sarada at this moment really seems like the more interesting character (much in the same way Sasuke was always cooler then Naruto).

Unfortunately this manga seems to be falling into some of the old traps as the first Naruto manga. With mysterious nameless fighters, Orochimaru’s name ALREADY being dropped, and of course the masked villain that seems to know everything. In the end the interactions between the next generation has been quite well done and again carries the chapter. Overall a strong second edition to this manga that blends a feeling of familiarity with that of freshness.

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