I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Life is becoming increasingly unpredictable in Hyrule as the sun, a normally reliable fixture in sky, continues to rise and fall seemingly at random, causing general unease and upsetting many people’s basic notions of time and reality.

Villagers estimate that the upheaval of life began last week. The sporadic fluctuations between light and darkness have disrupted daily routines, complicating business, travel, and the overall natural order of the world. Local farmers report that cuccos, a popular species of domesticated fowl, are becoming irritable under the circumstances, and numerous attacks against people have been reported.


Adding to the chaos, heavy rainstorms have overwhelmed villages in the kingdom. Last week, three continuous days of rain caused extensive damage to homes, businesses, and farms. Mystery and fear surrounds these storms, which arrive without warning, leading many to speculate about their unknown origins. Popular theories range from the disfavor of the gods and the machinations of the Dark Lord Ganondorf to the mischievous doings of a green imp and his magic flute.

This is MPR News in Hyrule.

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