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Hey, I needed to give this update and I didn’t know what to call it. Anyway, I have a few things in the pipeline that I’d like to share, and some problems I need suggestions on.

So first up, you may know the Necessary Sequel posts I write on an absolutely unreliable, irregular schedule. Well, I have a new series I’ll be writing called Wildest Dreams. Each one will cover a dream game that I would love to see. I’ll ease into it by describing a Legacy of Goku remake before digging deep with a GTA game and a wonderful Harry Potter game that inspired by a commenter.

Now, the DBZ game has been something I tried writing multiple times, but this is where my problem comes in. My browser.


My only internet access comes from a phone, and my browser of choice has always been Opera for Android. About a year ago (maybe longer, there’s a Sequel post that’s dated for exactly when I lost it) Kinja has an update that removed my text toolbar, but other than that everything was fine.

However, recently OPERA updated. Now what used to be a lighter, faster, more stable browser with a clean UI has transformed into a large, slow, clunky, ugly, crashing mess. Whereas before uploading a photo was a matter of whether or not I was data capped, now it’s just a new way to crash my browser. What else causes crashes? Uhh... Twitter doesn’t. But all the Gawker/Giz sites do. So does just about everything else I visit regularly.

I know Chrome is well loved, and I’m not against it. Its just that Chrome is a little intensive if you use more than one tab- especially on a budget prepaid phone like me. So I’m asking:

Do YOU have a favorite browser? What do you like using? My top three (in order): Opera, Chrome, Firefox. But I’ve only ever used Opera and Chrome on mobile (well, and the shitty chrome-based “browser” that a ton of phones come with). But do you have any suggestions for a decent browser? Preferably something light with a clean UI, but honestly I’ll take function over form right now.


So what’s up?

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