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Necessary Sequels: Metal Gear pt. 2

A discussion of future sequels after MGSV. Previously, we talked about...MGS..er..6- maybe, you could call it? And 7, sorta? That’s over here, if you’re interested.

Now on to the meatier bits!

In this post, I’m going to first loop around more, post Metal Gear Solid: Shadow Moses, and up through MGS2. After that, I’ll post all my ideas for new MGS games, DLC, and the best way (I can think of) for when Konami inevitably adopts a CoD/AC/Sports-esque yearly release schedule for MGS. Which is a better alternative to shelving it forever, Kojima or no.


Post MGS-remake

So after Shadow Moses, there’s two years of missions for Snake (and his new, anti-Metal Gear group, Philanthropy) before he’s branded a terrorist, and “killed”.

The beauty of MGSV is in it’s gameplay, and it’s engine. The controls are the perfect base groundwork, like Gears of War, and will only need tweaked and refined with time and new releases. Same goes for Fox Engine.


So the first game after the MGS1 remake will be about Philanthropy trotting across the globe, stopping random Metal Gear variants that are being developed since the design specs were leaked on the black market.

I see alot of potential in this one for including some urban environments alongside the wilderness/military warehouses of the last.


Story-wise, it would show Meryl and Snake drifting apart, and the U.N. praising and recognizing Philanthropy as a group of peace heroes.


The final mission would be to infiltrate a Marine Tanker and investigate a new model Metal Gear, rumored to surpass even Rex.

Then would come the remake of MGS2.


This game would need a full story over haul. We can keep every plot point and story beat, it’s just how we present the story that needs changed.

Once again, some codec conversations will need to be in cutscenes, in more travel-y sections, or cut out entirely in order to fit with the new mechanics. The bright side being that info dumps can go to cassettes (or whatever equivalent).


Big Shell, like Shadow Moses before it, would have to be immensely expanded and totally redesigned from the ground up. It’s design would be welcoming to newcomers, while still echoing back for long-time fans.

Just like the remake of MGS1, the game will open with the player swimming to the infiltration point.


This is where the games branch off into two types now, Snake and Raiden, and brings us to the next part:

Sequels of the Fuuuuuuuutuurrrrrrre


I know what you’re thinking, “Um...actually, chronologically speaking, the only game that could come next is Metal Gear Solid 4”, and you’d be right!

...Is what I would say if you weren’t so pathetically wrong. Didn’t you see how I squeezed a game out in-between 1 & 2? I got this, bruh.


So after MGS2, there are still stories to be told: How Raiden saved Sunny from the Patriots and became a cyborg, and just what Snake did in between 2 & 4. Hell there might even be more game left in Big Shell with a “Snake’s Mission” DLC that lets us play through Snake’s eyes.

We can also break continuity in 3 acceptable ways:

  1. Push the date back for 4. This will give us some time to really show the world changing, and build up tension for Liquids Insurrection.
  2. Make a newer, bigger Deus Ex Machina than Big Boss curing Snake’s Mutant FoxDie with stories. Now Snake’s aging can also be saved through stories told by Big Boss, because fans are insatiable.
  3. The only other option is to continue on past Big Shell on a new branch of timeline. This way we don’t worry how to remake all six of 4’s teeny tiny levels.

However we do it, we’ve still got at least 2, if not more, games before we have to address MGS4. This is also where yearly releases could begin. Here’s what I want:

All ideas for sequels

If Konami adopts a yearly release schedule, then I want each game to have a 4 year cycle. So four teams, working on four different games. There’s Raiden, Snake, Big Boss, and Other.


Raiden - Lightning Espionage Action. These are stealth games with a quick pace (basically what Metal Gear Rising should have been). You are a lion. Enemies, gazelle. These will be “active” stealth games where you are in the role of hunter. Run swiftly and silently, like a modern ninja. The first game is about saving Sunny and becoming a cyborg. The next is about helping Big Mama.


Solid Snake - Tactical Espionage Action. Standard MGS games. Solo infiltration, weapons and equipment OSP. Think, a bigger Ground Zeroes. The first 2 games are set after Big Shell. Snake is chasing after Liquid Ocelot and learning what he plans.


Big Boss - Tactical Espionage Operations. Just like Phantom Pain, has a big focus on base building. The first 2 games will be remakes of 3 and Peace Walker. Plenty of stories left for Big Boss, like meeting Miller, Grey Fox, Sniper Wolf, etc. Also potential to play through Metal Gear from the other side.

  • Other - Any tagline. Like, Team Espionage Operations. A whole game where you control Meryl and her squad. Or any game where you play as Meryl post-Shadow Moses. Or a game where you play as Liquid. Or another Squad game, but you’re The Boss. Or Ocelot. Grey Fox games with the style and Tagline of the Raiden ones. Mobile games where you play as Johnny and struggle with IBS. (OK, maybe not that one). So many characters can have their story experienced, instead of recited, with a game or DLC.

Well, that’s it for me today. What sequels do you want to see? Leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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