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Want Murderous Pigeon Plushies infesting your home and personal space? Consider backing Erick Scarecrow’s latest Kickstarter Campaign for Hatoful Boyfriend.


If you’re a one pigeon kind of lover, you can get a Shuu at the $16 tier. Want to see where additional routes to pigeon glory will lead you? Back $25 for 5” pigeon plushies of 3 of the Visual Novel’s stars—Find out the pudding fancies (and fantasies) of Okosan, the sickly nature of Ryouta, and also get a Shuu because there is no escaping his brand of bloody caring.

$75 and up goes into sketchier bird territory than I could imagine with Ryouta in a Maid outfit, or a Souma Isa (plus the birds of the $25 tier).

At $1000, that’s where things take a dark turn. All of the aforementioned pigeons could be yours, plus a large and in charge 12” plush of Shuu (who doesn’t want that?) plus creator Hato Moa will illustrate a favourite pigeon of your choice for your very own print.

Man, that’s a tough decision to make...So many good (and terrible) pigeons. Dem tail feathers on Sakuya Le Bel tho...


The Plush Kickstarter Campaign for Hatoful Boyfriend ends in 32 days, and is currently over $19,000 rapidly nearing its $25,000 goal.


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