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Nine months ago, Criterion Games released one of the most critically acclaimed racing games in recent memory, a reboot of Need For Speed: Most Wanted in the style of Burnout Paradise. One notable thing about the game is that there is a huge focus on multi-player capabilities, most notably the Autolog system which returns from their previous game, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, which constantly tracks and compares records between you and your friends and challenges you to beat them, even when they're not playing. The single-player gameplay was actually designed after the multi-player, obviously because it is not the main focus of the game. With multi-player being such a huge focus of the game, why would EA allow the PC version's multi-player capabilities to be completely broken for the past several months?

I added the PC version to my Origin library about two months ago during an Origin sale where you could acquire the game and most of its DLC for a discounted price of what I believe was either $25 or $30. Shortly after, I started the game up, got it running reasonably well, and played to my heart's content in the single-player mode. I don't have any friends who have the PC version of the game, so connecting to Autolog was never an issue, but out of curiosity I tried connecting one day, and it failed. Hm, that's odd. Is my internet connection okay? Sure seems that way. Let me try again and- oh, no, it failed again. Well maybe the online multi-player will- no, not that either. Odd indeed. Lets just try another week then, shall we? No matter how long I've waited and no matter how long I've played the game, connection issues always occur. After using Google for a while to find an answer, it seems that I can connect by forcing Origin into Offline mode, starting the game, and then switching it back online, but I get disconnected after only a few minutes of playing, hardly enough to actually do anything significant.


Looking up the issue online, I seem to be not alone. There exists an EA Answer HQ forum post that dates back to November last year that is still regularly getting replies related to the issue as well as several other forum posts, and neither EA or Criterion have said anything more than the fact that they are looking into fixing it, which was also in November. Browsing the forums for other similar topics, it appears that other people are still regularly having Autolog connection issues, and the game is almost a year old. This is downright pathetic at this point and I'm sad that I can't experience the game as it was designed to be played all because of EA's constant server issues. EA should at least offer a response saying that they are working on a fix, and no amount of contacting them has helped me so far.

I ask, does anybody else on PC have these same issues? Is it not just me and a minority? Does EA even care about the problem anymore now that Rivals is set to be released later this year?

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